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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: Premiere episode to be an extra 30 minutes?

Norman Reedus, 'The Walking Dead' Daryl Dixon
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV

New “The Walking DeadSeason 5 alert! Rumor has it that the premiere episode of the new season will be an extra 30 minutes long, for a total of 90 minutes. Spoil the Dead forum surfaced this rumor on Friday.

While this hasn’t been confirmed, it’s very likely that it’s true. The pilot episode of “The Walking Dead,” “Days Gone By,” was also 90 minutes. And “What Lies Ahead,” the premiere episode of Season 2, also ran 90 minutes. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Season 5 premiere comes with extra time too!

From ‘where the heck is Beth?’ to ‘how will Team Rick escape?’ – “The Walking Dead” Season 4 left us with one too many questions. So it makes sense that the premiere of Season 5 gives us 20 extra minutes of action, answers, and more action. We say 20 because of commercials, by the way.

According to the source, this rumor is coming from Greg Nicotero, who is known to be quite upfront with fans, he’s not much a teaser. A 90 minute episode will also draw in more viewers. We can’t be for sure though until it is confirmed.

In Season 4, several episodes felt a little rushed for fans. A 90 episode premiere might help slow things down a bit. Although, can things really slow down for Rick? If it’s not one thing it’s another for the ex-Ricktator.

On the other hand, knowing there’s an extra-long “The Walking Dead” episode coming makes fans more impatient! Is “The Walking Dead” here yet? “The Walking Dead” Season 5 debuts this October on AMC. We can’t wait for spoilers and other bits of information to surface! Stay tuned!

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