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'The Walking Dead' season 5 official trailer released

Fans of "The Walking Dead" are beyond excited because today, the official season 5 trailer was finally released. The video is only a few minutes long, but shows a lot of amazing scenes. Andrew Lincoln wasn't kidding when he said that this season would be the best yet. Are you ready? Let's go over the trailer, piece by piece.

Lauren Cohan and Norman Reedus star in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV

The beginning of the trailer shows Rick telling the others that Gareth and the folks at Terminus are "screwing with the wrong people." That is exactly how the season 4 finale ended. Then you see Abraham suddenly yell what sounds like "move!" Then everyone in the train car darts to the other side. It seems that is how they are going to get out. Probably waiting for the door to open, maybe when they bring them some food, then force their way out.

The next scene shows a group of people, which don't seem to be Team Prison, but probably some of the residents of Terminus, wearing gas masks. They are walking into a building or maybe a train car and there is some sort of smoke or vapor in the air. During this scene, Gareth does a voiceover, saying they didn't want to hurt them.

The clip also shows Rick and the others running through Terminus, shooting guns. Now where did they get the weapons? Did they go back over the fence and get them from where Rick buried them? Or did someone bring them the guns, perhaps Tyreese or Carol? Maybe they found where Gareth stores his weapons and took them from there? Oh, so many questions!

Suddenly, Rick falls to the ground and his vision is blurry. It's hard to tell what he sees, but there someone in front of him, with his back towards him. He is leaning over something, it appears to be some sort of butcher block or maybe a gurney. This might be incorrect, but it looks like there is a small body on it. Could this person be chopping up a human being!? Whoever it is, they are small and thin, but not small enough to be a child.

A while back, Entertainment Weekly posted a photo of Daryl Dixon bound and gagged. "The Walking Dead" season 5 official trailer reveals a bit more... Daryl isn't alone. Rick is also bound and gagged and their captor is Gareth. There are several quick flashes of scenes after that. Viewers can see Team Prison running, other characters bound and gagged, down on their knees, execution-style. A Terminus resident is on the roof shooting and Rick opens up a train car, which appears to be empty. Then there is another shot of people bound and gagged, on their knees, some of them unknown characters.

Bob pleads with Gareth, telling him he doesn't have to do what he is doing and it is revealed that they are planning to head to Washington, D.C. While Bob tells him this, Gareth is writing something in a book or journal. The next shot shows Rick and Gareth staring each other down. Rick looks determined and angry while Gareth smirks.

The next scene shows Gareth outside at night. He is telling some other people that they don't have a choice. Then Rick is seen sitting on a bed with a nice headboard, holding baby Judith. That's right! The entire group will be reunited at last. Eventually they make it out of Terminus because it shows Team Prison walking through the woods and they either see or hear something because they all hold their guns up, ready to fire.

Outside Terminus, Rick looks at a sign and Mary as well some others are inside Terminus, killing walkers through the fence, similar to what Rick's group did at the prison. Gareth says that they can join them, go to Washington and "cure this thing." Then there is a shot of Eugene, who looks concerned. His story about there being a cure might be a lie and what is going to happen when the others find out, especially if Gareth goes with them?

The video doesn't show Gareth going with Team Prison, but it is a possibility. Rick tells Carl that he doesn't "trust this guy." He has to mean Gareth because his face is shown next.

Rick and the others are in a building with a huge hole in the floor. It looks like it might be a clothing store because there are circular racks with clothes hanging on them. On the wall, there are some shelves, which are holding what looks like boots and other accessories. Rick looks down the hole to see several walkers. There are some wire-framed shelves among them, some of them look like they are holding jars of a red substance, perhaps blood? The walkers don't look like the typical zombies "The Walking Dead" fans are used to seeing. These ones have faces that look like they are melting and they resemble monsters.

There are a few shots of the group walking in a church, killing a few walkers. Outside in the woods, Gareth says,

"You don't trust us anymore."

Rick tells him that the people are his family and if anything happens to them, he will kill Gareth. Another scene has Rick telling someone that he isn't going anywhere without his people. Then Abraham is on a road, falls down to his knees and starts to break down emotionally. What could cause him to have such a strong reaction besides losing someone he cared about?

"The Walking Dead" season 5 official trailer has tons of walkers, a lot of action and there is an explosion, which sends zombies flying everywhere. Mary tells someone, presumably Rick, that at Terminus, they sacrifice for the greater good and Team Prison is not the greater good.

For those missing Beth, she is included in the trailer, too. A female police officer tells her she is part of the system and Beth is wearing some sort of prison or hospital outfit, like the type psychiatric patients wear. She is seen looking down an elevator shaft, then she is outside running. Another shot shows Beth helping to hold down a woman, who is also dressed in the same type of clothes she is. She is strapped down to a gurney, but Beth has to hold her down because she seems to be having a seizure. The woman has blood all over her arm and Beth's wrist is bandaged. Another scene shows the female officer looking at Beth with hatred and disgust, then she slaps her hard across the face.

"The Walking Dead" season 5 trailer is incredible and this is just a sampling of what viewers can expect when the show returns to AMC on October 12. What did you think of the trailer? What do you think is going to happen with Team Prison and Terminus?

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