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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Not dying easily, set photos and information

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus star in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Hyundai

It is going to be a long wait for "The Walking Dead" season 5, but in the past few days there has been some interesting information being released. On May 14, WetPaint posted some small details regarding Chase Vasser and his recent tweet. Although details about is character is being kept under wraps, fans are busy speculating. Vasser recently posted a tweet using the hashtags #ZombieKiller and #NotDyingEasily. Also, there are some set photos that have been posted to Facebook as well as information about a house being rented again for at least one scene.

Last month, Chase created headlines when he tweeted that he landed a role on "The Walking Dead" and used the hashtag #cannibaltwist. Since "TWD" fans are always looking for hints on what to expect, this led to theories about his character and Terminus. Now the actor has stirred up things again with his newest post on Twitter.

Vasser tweeted that he was ready for his next role and was done being a skinny drug addict. He included the hashtags #ZombieKiller and #NotDyingEasily. Could these hashtags be clues on what will happen with his character? Even though details about his role haven't been revealed, there are a lot of theories out there. Perhaps his character not dying easily is a hint that he will stick around a while?

In other news for "The Walking Dead" season 5, the Facebook page titled The Walking Dead Women posted a photo of a two-story house. Lola, one of the admins of the page wrote that the house has been rented again. There are rumors that Beth (Emily Kinney) was seen close to that location and the house next door is often used for inside filming. There is a sign in the front yard warning people not to mow the grass.

AMC also posted a first look photo for season 5. It doesn't reveal much, but does show Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) looking around cautiously. It is hard to tell, but it appears that he is looking outside of a train car. Rick is cut up on the face and forehead, but other than that seems to be alert and in good shape. He doesn't look concerned, but looks like he is ready to come out and has a plan.

The Walking Dead Women also posted a photo of Norman Reedus, who still has his black eye. This confirms what was previously reported that "The Walking Dead" season 5 premiere would start off where the fourth season left off. This only makes sense, since a time jump would eliminate a lot of action and would leave unanswered questions.

Are you looking forward to season 5 of "The Walking Dead?" What role do you think Chase Vasser will play and what do you think the hashtags in his tweets meant? Fans will have to wait until the show returns in October 2014 to find out for sure.

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