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'The Walking Dead' season 5: 'New versions' of comic book series coming

On June 30 Wetpaint Entertainment posted new spoilers for the upcoming fifth season of "The Walking Dead," which includes changes to the comic book story line. Many rumors and spoilers have been confirmed through pictures from filming, but some of the script details are being kept under wraps. The new episodes will cover major events revealed in the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, but with the butterfly effect of having different characters and different outcomes.

Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Showrunner Scott Gimple has mentioned in the past that each eight episodes is like a different season, although season five will follow a similar pattern to previous seasons. The prison survivors will not be inside the train car at Terminus very long, and a major battle will take place during the first two episodes of the season. Veiwers will also leaner the truth about the citizens of Terminus and watch Mary was cooking when the first group arrived.

Last season Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was kidnapped from the funeral home her and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) were running from, by a car with a cross in the window. Fans have speculated that she is taken by Father Gabriel Stokes, who has been revealed as a hybrid character for the series, since he is part of the Hunters in the comics and they have been turned into Terminus for the show. Actor Seth Gilliam, a newcomer to the series, has been seen on set dressed like a priest.

Gimple talked about not wanting to "abandon iconic things from the comics" for the show, but it's difficult when characters like Daryl exist who were created for the television series. At the same time the series is a bit of an alternate universe from the comics, but characters surviving walker encounters they didn't in the comics and the potential for new characters that have never existed before.

International Business Times revealed on July 1 that Gimple sees each episode of the series as being inspired by the comic books. Season five will be a brand new version of the comic book story with a lot more action for all the characters. The new season will feature a bunch of new locations, much like the second half of season four, and new walker fighting tactics.

One of these tactics is believed to be a fire truck, which has been spotted being used for filming. The fire truck is splattered with blood, and fans have speculated that it will be used by Rick and Daryl to fight off the walkers they encounter. Filming is also taking place this week at a fire house in Griffin, which has a bunch of security and trucks around it.

"The Walking Dead" season five is expected to premiere on AMC in October, with the first trailer for the new season planned for release later this month. The sixteen episode season will air eight episodes in late 2014 and the next eight episodes in early 2015. Filming is expected to continue closer to Atlanta through the rest of the summer and most of the principal cast has already been spotted filming.

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