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'The Walking Dead' season 5: New locations and 'mind blowing' scenes

More and more spoilers keep coming out about the upcoming fifth season of "The Walking Dead," and now the cast are fueling the speculation. On June 18 Wetpaint Entertainment revealed that the new season will be bigger and better than previous seasons, and Norman Reedus mentioned some scenes being too intense for television. The fifth season, which will consist of sixteen episodes, is expected to air on AMC in October.

Norman Reedus
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV

The cast and crew are hard at work on episode four of the new season in Georgia, and in recent days the group have been filming in different places each day. At the end of season four, the majority of the prison survivors were trapped in a train car at Terminus, with no way out in sight. Previous spoilers have revealed that a major event happens at Terminus in the first episode and most of the main cast escapes.

Reedus revealed that the group is constantly moving ever since the prison collapsed, and the series many be following the Washington D.C. story from the comics. Three characters from the comic books were introduced last season and there is talk about a cure in some of the scripts. A cure has also been mentioned in previous episodes and would parallel with the comics, although the show changes some of the plot lines in the comic books.

The scripts and the actors are being kept under warps to prevent spoilers from leaking out, but fans already know that newcomer Seth Gilliam will play a priest in the new season. Reedus confirmed that even the actors have no idea what is coming until they get the scripts for their scenes, and beyond that everyone is kept in the dark. He mentioned that it's "kind of mind blowing" how everything is on lockdown and the actors have a limited time to react to the script before filming.

Reedus and actor Andrew Lincoln talk every season about how some scenes they film will be too intense for television, but the scenes end up making the series every season. He called the new season "pretty nuts" and other cast members have revealed that the fifth season really goes above and beyond with the action and drama. Filming is expected to last through the summer and wrap up in the fall.

On Location Vacations posted updates for filming on June 19, including exact streets where the series will be filming. The fifth season, as well as previous seasons, is filmed outside Atlanta in the surrounding areas deeding on what is needed for filming. For the fourth and possibly fifth episode, the cast will be filming at the Easy Shop Supermarket on Griffin Street over the weekend.

Starting next week, filming will take place off route 85 in Senoia for two days of shooting. The first week of July will consist of filming in downtown Senoia from 6th Street to South Hill Street to North Hill Street. It's likely that all of the filming will take place outside, since everyone will need to find food and shelter again after Terminus.

The fifth season of the AMC drama is expected to premiere two or three weeks into October. Eight episodes will make up the first half of the season and end in December with some sort of a cliffhanger. The final eight episodes of the season will begin airing in late spring 2015. It's likely that since the series keep streaking ratings records that a sixth season will be renewed.

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