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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Is it Glenn's gruesome death fans will experience?

'The Walking Dead' season 5 is going to do away with a key player suggests the folks in charge of the show, so who will that be?
'The Walking Dead' season 5 is going to do away with a key player suggests the folks in charge of the show, so who will that be?
AMC The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" season 5 premiere is promised to be the "biggest episode" ever and that comes straight from producer Jolly Dale. In a recent interview, Dale seemed to consul the fans before season 5 arrives about the lives expected to be lost in the new season, but again she promises it only makes way for bigger and better things, according to Comic Book on June 15.

Knowing where all the characters are, well the majority of them are locked up in Terminus, gives a starting point for the next season. Still there's Carol who is still at large and no one knows what fate awaits Beth who is believed to be with the undertaker who she never met but liked his work.

Dale said that the season opener has presented with the biggest challenges they faced so far on the set. She also said while she can't say too much about the direction their going with "The Walking Dead" this time around, the comic book readers will have a good idea.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Robert Kirkman spoke about the offing of characters in season 5, saying that its highly likely some of the major characters will get killed off.

It sounds as if they are taking some of the script out of the comic book pages, which they have in the past, but they've sure taken a lot of liberties with it too. In the comic books it is Glenn who dies and suffers a gruesome death. That would also kill Maggie in spirit if that happened, so putting Glenn on the chopping block, changes Maggie's character for good.

When Kirkman was asked if it was Glenn they were going to kill off in season 5, he wouldn't deny or confirm, but he did say to "keep the rumors flying." Kirkman is looking for season 5 to be a "fast-paced" season as some of the fans thought there were long spans in season 4 that were a bit on the time consuming side with not much happening.

It looks like a fix for this is in the works, as that is one thing that kept everyone on the edge of their seat when "The Walking Dead" first came to town. It was the hiding and the chase that the walkers gave that kept the action going. Nowhere was safe, you couldn't even bed down for the night without keeping an eye open.

While the comic book wasn't followed to the tee, if that were the case Carol would be dead and Andrea would still be among the living, they could start following it now. With Rick, Carol, Daryl, Glen and Carl left from the very original group from season one, its hard to imagine which one will go. Although you have to admit Rick is not that strong of a player as he was in the beginning.

Daryle, Michonne, Maggie, Glenn or Carol could step in and take over his leadership role, for all its worth in the last few seasons. It wouldn't be that surprising if it was Rick that was next to go. Maggie and Glenn represent hope of young love in a world that is going to need rebuilding of people and the family unit if they can ever start over again. They are a glimmer of hope in this devastated world "The Walking Dead" writers have created.

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