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'The Walking Dead' season 5 hints: Terminus food source not necessarily people

The Walking Dead” season 5 already has mysterious observations are coming out of the woodwork today. Now that the writers of “The Walking Dead” did an excellent job of painting Terminus as a cannibal city, warnings not to jump the gun are coming from behind the scenes, as Comic reports on April 5, 2014.

'The Walking Dead' deleted scene from season 4 finale, is this a clue about Terminus?
AMC The Walking Dead

Yes, those were human bones that you got a quick look at as Rick and company were attempting a getaway. This is confirmed by showrunner Scott Gimple, but he threw in a bit of a disclaimer along with his confirmation. Just because the bones are human, doesn’t mean that the folks at Terminus are eating each other.

This is very true, not a single scene had a Terminus resident eating a human limb like it was a chicken drumstick. While the human bones don’t cement the assumption of cannibals, it does signify that something is going on there that isn’t very good. Gimple gives viewers that much.

Gimple promises that the answers to the mystery of Terminus will come “fast and furious” in season 5. That falls in line with what was hinted to in an earlier interview that Terminus is just a location that comes and goes from the story line after just one or two episodes.

The season 4 finale was great because it not only left fans pondering the fate of the group in the railroad car, but it also left them racking their brains. It was like a treasure trove of planted hints throughout the finale episode. You found yourself trying to figure out what this or that might signify.

Some of 'The Walking Dead' hints:

*When Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl were being shot at by the Terminus folks, they aimed at the space around their feet, they tried not to hit them why? It can't be because gunshot would ruin the meat if they were in fact looking at the four as a meal. Hunters put gunshots into many animals that make it to the dinner table.

*What about all the empty food wrappers outside the railroad car that is serving as a jail cell. Why the abundance of food for these folks? Are they fattening them up for a cannibal kill or just making sure they are comfortable and well fed?

*You have to realize that Rick made the first move at Terminus by grabbing he guy with the pocket watch. If these were really peace loving people at Terminus, after the display of Rick and the crew, you’d probably lock them up too.

*No one was privy to what got Maggie, Glenn and their group locked up, so that story line could explain a lot.

*Somehow that grill that Mary mans at Terminus seems important, as she cooks meat seemingly all the time.

*Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carl came into Terminus seemingly undetected, but now it feels as if this could have been planned this way by the folks at Terminus.

*Another odd scene was Rick and his group had to put their weapons down, get searched and then they were allowed to keep their weapons. If these folks were planning on over taking this group, they wouldn’t want them to have weapons.

*It seemed as if the Terminus folks were a bit too eager to get their new guests to eat. Maybe they were planning to knock them out with a drug laced in the food they were offering them.

*Why did Maggie and Glenn’s belongings get instant use by the people at Terminus? With all the clothes that the camera was sure to scan why did these folks jump into Maggie and Glenn’s duds? What in the world did that guy need with riot gear on inside the sanctuary?

*When Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl first got there and they entered that room with people cleaning clothes, the people doing the work seemed mundane, but the folks in charge were just too cheery.

*A deleted scene making the rounds in a picture online might hold a hint to the backstory of Terminus. Rick and Michonne are in an area with chained up walkers. On the ground are human remains (it looks like intestines) both are in a fighting stance. You can see the picture above.

*Michonne has a sword, if you enlarge the picture you can see it is a sword, but it doesn’t look like her trusty companion.

If you spotted something that you feel was some type of hint or something you saw fleetingly, please add it to the comment section below!

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