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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Glenn, Beth and the 'survival' theme

Ever since the season 4 finale of "The Walking Dead," fans have been excited for the next season to air. Even though its season 5 premiere episode will not be on AMC until October, the official trailer was released at Comic-Con 2014 and everyone was stunned. If that trailer wasn't enough to get viewers amped up, on Aug. 1, Yahoo TV revealed a few spoilers as well as some speculation.

Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun star in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In "The Walking Dead" season 5 trailer, Glenn is seen bound and gagged, along with some others. Those that read the comic books wondered if the man behind him was Negan because of the object he had in his hands. In the comics, Negan killed Glenn and is considered to be brutal. When discussing possible spoilers on Google+, it was mentioned that Negan would make the Governor look like Prince Charming. Greg Nicotero says of the possibility of Negan appearing that he can't say, but it is in the trailer for a reason.

As for Beth, viewers finally know for sure that she is alive, but doesn't seem to be doing too well. She appears to have been taken hostage by a "community" that is running a hospital like a prison. A female, dressed in a police uniform doesn't seem to like Beth very much and says that she is "part of the system" and in another clip, she slaps her hard across the face.

It was revealed that one of the reasons why Beth's situation was put in the trailer was to open up the world and show an urban environment. In the trailer, it almost appeared as if patients were being experimented on or "treated" for a disease (perhaps the zombie virus?) When it was hinted that Terminus wouldn't be the biggest threat in season 5, maybe this is it. Survivors deal with the new world in different ways, some sane and some go crazy, but something tells me that these people at the hospital are going to have quite the storyline.

As for the theme in season 5, it is going to be all about survival. Rick will have to come to terms with how he can protect his family. It's a different world now and there are no rules. How will Rick and Team Prison protect themselves and survive?

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