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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Emily Kinney talks about saving Beth

Emily Kinney plays Beth on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Emily Kinney stars in "The Walking Dead" as Beth Greene. She wasn't seen on the season 4 finale and for months viewers have wondered who kidnapped Beth and why. While the actress couldn't reveal any spoilers, she did talk a little bit about her character on One with the Power Hour radio show. On July 14, WetPaint reported what Kinney had to say.

Kinney was on One with the Power Hour to talk about her new EP, "Expired Love." As with many of her interviews, questions about "The Walking Dead" came up. The actress talked about how much the character of Beth has changed and grown. Even though Beth still might have some changes to go through and is still discovering who she is, she is transitioning from a teenager to more of an adult.

One fan question that Emily was asked was what the reunion between Daryl, Beth and Maggie would be like. The actress said she wasn't sure, but did say that she hopes Beth is saved or that she saves herself. Kinney did say that she hopes that Beth gets back together with Team Prison and that everything would be okay.

In season 4 of "The Walking Dead," especially the second half, fans got to see a bit more of Beth and learned a little more about her. For so long she was just Maggie's sister, Hershel's daughter and baby Judith's caretaker. She was given more character development and fans could see that she was trying to morph from being a teenager to an adult.

Characters change all the time on "The Walking Dead." Carol, played by Melissa McBride is an excellent example of that. Season 5 will probably show Beth a completely changed person. Not only does the apocalypse and losing loved ones change someone, but her being kidnapped will probably cause her to think and behave a bit differently as well. Fans don't know who kidnapped Beth, why or what is being done to her. However, she has been seen on set during filming recently, so she is alive. It will be interesting to find out the story behind her kidnapping and how it will affect her character.

What do you think will happen with Beth in "The Walking Dead" season 5? Do you think the kidnapping will change her? Do you see her becoming stronger or will it break her? Hopefully the writers will not have someone saving Beth, but have her saving herself.

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