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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: Did Chase Vasser’s spoiler tweets cost him a role?

Chase Vasser
Chase Vasser
Chase Vasser's Twitter

Earlier last month, newcomer Chase Vasser took it to his Twitter account to share that he will be starring in “The Walking DeadSeason 5. Exciting news that I can only imagine would have anyone super hyped, but he might have taken it a little too far. On Saturday, HNGN broke the news that Vasser will no longer appear on the show.

Vasser revealed the news via a tweet that reads, “I will not be on the Walking Dead! #sorryfans,” he wrote. This is not really a shocker; I was beginning to wonder if he would be getting in trouble for all of the spoiler tweets he published since he was cast.

When he first learned he had been cast in “The Walking Dead” his hashtags included “#cannibaltwist,” which of course reveals more than production might have wanted. The spoiler can’t get any bolder than that. Vasser quickly deleted the tweet, but no tweet, post, or comment can ever be deleted too fast for a “Walking Dead” fan to see!

It doesn’t help Vasser’s case that earlier this week he tweeted, “That’s A Wrap! Finally done being 193 pound drug addict. Beast Mode now for next Role! #ZombieKiller #NotDyingEasily.” - Another hint to his role that must have not been appreciated by “The Walking Dead” production.

We’re guessing that was the last straw, since his latest tweet reads that he will not be on the show. Could it have really been his over-excitement and spoiler tweets? A few believe that Vasser could just be covering up and will actually be in this coming season, but that sounds unlikely.

Filming for “The Walking Dead” Season 5 begin this month! The first episode has already wrapped up shooting, and Denise Crosby (Mary from Terminus) arrived on set May 12. The new season premieres on AMC this October. Keep up with all the spoilers!

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