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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Child rape attempt, Rick bit a neck, what’s next?

"The Walking Dead" hits Terminus and fights for their lives. It won't be until season 5 when the true nature of Terminus is revealed.
"The Walking Dead" hits Terminus and fights for their lives. It won't be until season 5 when the true nature of Terminus is revealed.
AMC The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead” ended season 4 with a cliff hanger, but one that offers quite the puzzle until season 5 returns. Not only do fans want to know the fate of Rick and the group locked up in a railroad car, they also want to know the deal with Terminus. on April 5 suggests that no matter what, fans now know that Rick will do anything to survive.

While Terminus looks like a town full of cannibals, especially with all that meat they had grilling on the outside BBQ, it might be deceiving. While the folks behind the scenes won’t confirm or deny that Terminus is a cannibal state, they do warn against looks being deceiving.

Nothing was said that was a definite about the folks in Terminus eating one another, so it is in season 5 where the real inner workings of Terminus will be revealed. Besides the overly friendly folks at terminus, who act almost mechanical, the belongings of Maggie and Glenn being worn by the strangers there seemed bizarre.

As usual, the people that put “The Walking Dead” on the screen gave viewers plenty of fuel for thought. Some of the season 4 finale’s fuel came from the scenes where the folks in Terminus were cleaning and sorting clothes.

With all the clothes available to these people, why were Maggie's poncho, the SWAT team uniform that Glenn wore, along with the pocket watch spit between the people there? Was it part of some type of ritual?

The folks at Terminus sure did look like cannibals as the scenes of Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl running through the sanctuary gave viewers quick shots of bones and what looked like flesh drying out. The camera also scanned down to empty food containers outside of the railroad car where Maggie, Glenn and company were held. It was almost as if they fed them to fatten them up before the kill, but what would an alternative explanation for all this be?

Some of the things that these folks did made no sense if they wanted to capture Rick and his crew, starting with giving them back their weapons. When Rick and his group were trying to make a getaway, why did these people shoot at their feet? With the amount of shots fired during that getaway attempt, they should have all been dead.

It was surprising not to see Beth in the season 4 finale, but her fate will be known during season 5, according to today. Will she hook up with Daryl, was she eaten by cannibals or will she help Tyreese and Carol rescue the rest of the group in Terminus? These are the questions swirling around online about Maggie’s baby sister.

While being locked in a railroad car is not the best case scenario for the group, at least they are safe from the walkers and can all get some much needed sleep. This will let them gain their strength. When Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl first arrived to Terminus, they were told to drop their weapons and were searched. All were searched except for Michonne. They were then given back their weapons.

When they were captured during their getaway attempt, they were once again told to drop their weapons. Because they had been searched earlier, the Terminus folks knew just what weapons they had so there was no way for them to conceal a weapon, except for Michonne. On arrival she dropped her sword, but she wasn't searched. She could possibly have a gun on her they could use for escape when their captures come to get them.

Rick already knows how to take a bite out of crime, so to speak, you saw this when he chewed the neck of the redneck gang leader as soon as he saw a man trying to rape Carl. Will this be his ticket out of there and will it be Daryl or even Carl to suggest the group do this when their captures return?

Will season 5 open with the survivors acting as their former number one enemies, the walkers? This is one way they could surprise the Terminus folks and get away. Then again Carol and Tyreese could show up out of nowhere and just turn the handle and let them out!

There are so many unanswered questions for season 5 to pull together for the viewers. One thing for sure is that the group will not die inside a railroad car after all they’ve been through.

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