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'The Walking Dead" season 5 casting: Rick, Eugene, and Abraham confirmed

On March 30 The Epoch Times has some casting information for season five of "The Walking Dead." While the hit post apocalyptic drama ended with a cliffhanger episode, it set up fans for the next season and what is being called a hard road ahead.

According to recent spoilers, season five will begin with Rick attempting to get Eugene and Abraham to Washington DC. Whether or not the rest of the "boxcar gang" will be coming along is not yet known as they they haven't been confirmed as returning for season five or not. It seems that they likely will as the show wouldn't be the same, but it is all in the air until it's officially announced.

Last week, Rob Kirkman confirmed that Gareth will be a more staple figure in season five, if someone doesn't kill him first. Nothing is really known about Gareth yet, but rumors are that he is a mix of all the characters from the comic books that should have received mention or a part but couldn't be justified adding a whole character so all these pieces make up Gareth.

Fans will have a lot more opportunity to learn more about Abraham and Eugene and whether or not he really knows what caused the walkers to turn or not hopefully in season five of "The Walking Dead."

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