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'The Walking Dead' season 5: Another crash seen on set

Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus
Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Hyundai

Fans of "The Walking Dead" who have kept up with spoilers know that there is already going to be one crash. However, there is news that there will be another. On Thursday, MoviePilot reported that this time the crash involves a bus and judging by the photos, it looks pretty serious.

The original report came from The Spoiling Dead Fans and there are some great photos along with the news. Two of them are actually close-ups and another one isn't too far away. So what kind of information is revealed through these photos?

Apparently, it is the church bus that was at the previous location. According to the report and the photos, the bus has crashed, turned over on its side. There is also smoke coming out from it. It looks like it was a pretty serious crash and it seems like even the side mirror may be bent a bit. It's hard to tell, but if that is correct, then that indicates that the bus rolled at least once. From the extreme damage to the bus, the driver must have been going at a high speed.

This brings up the question of what they were running from and who was inside the bus? Were there any characters that fans met last season? Maybe they were running from Terminus or perhaps someone else, characters who fans haven't met yet were chasing them? Not all survivors are going to be interested in helping one another.

MoviePilot suggested that maybe the bus encountered a huge herd of walkers, which caused them to crash. It's easy to run over a few, but if they are packed together in the road, you have to get around them somehow. It reminds one of that bus scene from the remake of "Dawn of the Dead." That vehicle was hardly able to move because of all those zombies surrounding it.

There is another theory, though. In the first photo, the top of a few trees can be seen, which means that the bus was upright. There are walkers inside the bus, their arms reaching out the windows. To the left, one walker looks really decomposed, as if he has been dead a while. The two female walkers on the right look like they are more recently deceased. One might say that someone died, then attacked the others, but why would one look so much more decomposed than the others?

What do you think of the photos of the bus crash? What are your theories on "The Walking Dead" season 5?

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