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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Titles for episodes 12-16

Melissa McBride plays Carol on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It's hard to believe that there are only four more episodes until the season finale of "The Walking Dead." To get an idea of what to expect in the final episodes, on Feb. 23, WetPaint published the titles and descriptions for episodes 12 to 16. There are possible spoilers in the titles and episode descriptions, so if you do not want to know what may happen, then do not continue reading.

Episode 12

Episode 12 will air on March 2 and is titled "Still." The synopsis reads,

"An enlightening mission springs from a request from one of the group members."

This is a tough one to figure out, but a lot of fans are speculating that it has to do with Eugene. Last week, Abraham told Glenn and Tara that Eugene is a scientist who knows what caused the zombie outbreak and they are going to Washington D.C. In the comics, the group from the prison goes with them. Perhaps this is what will happen on "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 12? Or maybe this has something to do with the "Sanctuary."

Episode 13

On March 9, episode 13 will air and it is titled "Alone," which doesn't sound good. Being alone during the zombie apocalypse a recipe for danger, both from walkers and other survivors. For the prison group it can also be emotionally and mentally tough because the other group members were like family. But this episode title may not mean that someone is solo. The synopsis states,

"One group finds a shelter; a group has a realization about protection."

It makes one wonder if the shelter has to do with the Sanctuary, but the synopsis for episode 14 hints otherwise.

The part of the synopsis that talks about protection is alarming. They all should have some sort of weapons, but does this mean that one group is left defenseless? A sneak peek for episode 12 shows one of Daryl's crossbow arrows breaking. Could the rest do the same and if so, could this leave him and Beth vulnerable to attacks?

Episode 14

Titled "The Grove," episode 14 will air on March 16 and it sounds like the group will be trying to normalize things. The synopsis reads,

"After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to they way they used to be."

It sounds like they will find someplace to call home, somewhere that is either safe or can be made safe. "The Grove" sounds like it could be in an orchard or somewhere wooded, closed off with fences or some sort of barricade.

Note that the term "the group" was used instead of "a group" or "one group." Does this mean that by episode 14 they will have found each other? Also, Robert Kirkman has stated that while the second half of season 4 would start of bleak, it would be more hopeful by the season finale.

Episode 15

On March 23, episode 15 will air and it is titled "Us." This sounds promising, maybe "us" refers to the entire group. However, the synopsis doesn't sound so good. It reads,

"Survivors rely on brutality and faith."

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd recently said in an interview that the back half of season 4 would have a "new evil" and fans that have read the comic books have revealed that a new enemy would make the Governor seem like Prince Charming.

Some fans initially thought that Negan would be appearing since he came after the Governor in the comic books, but Kirkman said not this season. However, he didn't rule it out for future seasons. A new character named Gareth will be appearing, though and just the sound of the name makes the character sound brutal. Could the survivors be forced to also be brutal?

Viewers have seen a different side of Rick in the second half of season 4. When intruders came into the house where he was staying, he didn't hesitate to strangle one of the men that was in the bathroom. Then he allowed him to turn, keeping the other men busy while he escaped. It is unknown if the other intruders were killed or if they took their walker friend down. Could Rick and the other group members get to a point where they no longer give people chances and do whatever they can to ensure their safety?

Episode 16

Titled "A," episode 16 is the season finale of "The Walking Dead" and will air on March 30. The title gives no hint at all what it could be about, but the synopsis reads,

"Many paths collide; Rick faces sheer brutality; the group struggles to survive."

While some believe that the phrase "many paths collide" could mean the group will be reunited, it could also mean that they will meet several new people or other survivor groups. Some people have survived in brutal and horrible ways. In the comics there is a group called "The Hunters" who don't eat produce or animals. Instead they resorted to eating other survivors out in the world and have even eaten their own children.

Morgan Jones, the man that told Rick what was going on in the first season and who reappeared later completely unhinged due to losing his son is credited in this episode. However, showrunner Scott Gimple confused fans about Morgan returning in season 4 because said that he was misquoted.

Actress Anissa Matlock is being introduced in the season finale and there is speculation that she will be one of "The Hunters." Norman Reedus teased that "A" would be an "ambitious" episode and that it will be very big.

Some fans have a theory that "A" refers to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a place that the group ended up at in the comic books.

Do you have any theories on what will happen in the final episodes of "The Walking Dead" season 4?

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