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'The Walking Dead' season 4 theories: Sickness, death and relationships

What does executive producer Robert Kirkman have planned for "The Walking Dead" season 4B?
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

"The Walking Dead" is currently on a mid-season break but it's return date is quickly approaching. There are a lot of fans speculating on what will happen and some spoilers have also been revealed. Fans want to know if the flu is really over, if there is anything that will happen between Daryl and Beth and what fans can expect to happen with Rick and Carl in the second half of the season. On Jan. 8, WetPaint reported what can be expected when the show returns in February 2014.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers, then stop reading.

Carl will take on more responsibilities

The show in general is going to start off season 4B very bleak, but it will get better as the season progresses. Now that the prison has been overrun by walkers and the group is separated, the reality of things are going to start setting in. Rick and Carl are going to have to grieve for baby Judith (even though it is likely that she is still alive) and Carl is going to have to step up and take on some responsibilities.

Rick wasn't looking too good and based on sneak peek videos posted on YouTube, he won't look any better when episode 9 airs. In the comics Rick and Carl end up at a house with a white door and in a sneak peek video, they end up at a home that looks similar to the one in the comics. They will likely be taking refuge in there and it may be the place where Rick tries to recover.

There is one point where Carl is desperately trying to wake his father up and there is speculation that Rick will end up with a nasty infection that requires antibiotics. If this is true, then Carl is going to have a lot to deal with between taking care of his dad, making sure they are safe from the walkers and making sure they are fed.

Where will the group go next?

TV Guide wrote that in the comics Rick and the survivors meet three new characters. While traveling to Washington, D.C. they end up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, which some are wondering if it is The Sanctuary that the voice on the radio was talking about.

Is the flu outbreak really over?

Another theory that fans have is that the flu outbreak may not be over. Greg Nicotero told Channel Guide that it could be possible but he didn't want to say anything that would ruin it for fans. The virus started somewhere and even though it seemed that it was contained in the prison, it is quite possible that some people may be infected and just haven't shown any symptoms yet. Since they had to flee the prison so quickly, they didn't have time to grab any medication or supplies. This does leave a possibility of more people dying from the virus, but that is just a theory and hasn't been confirmed.

Daryl and Beth's "relationship"

Regarding Daryl and Beth, fans are divided on how they feel about Emily Kinney's character. While some love her, others find her boring and not having much purpose on the show, there really hasn't been much character development with her. Before season 4 began airing, it was revealed that she would have more screen time, which means that viewers will learn more about her.

Ever since she hugged Daryl after her boyfriend was killed, viewers have been speculating on whether they would get together or not. If they became a couple it would just be awkward. Their relationship doesn't seem to be romantic, but rather a bonding over similar views on survival. Yes, they seem to be getting close, but it seems to be more of a brother-sister type bond, not a romantic one.

Major character death will shock viewers

As far as deaths in season 4B, it has been revealed that a major character will die and that it will be a shock to fans. While some are predicting that it is Rick, he is the star of the show and it seems unlikely that he will go just yet. Other speculations include Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Maggie. Daryl and Michonne are probably safe, but Glenn and Maggie may be a different story. Tyreese probably will stay alive because his story doesn't seem finished yet. But what about Carl? Killing him off would certainly be surprising and would make Rick going on much more difficult.

Do you have any theories on what will happen on "The Walking Dead" season 4B?

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