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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Terminus smells a bit like 'The Stepford Wives'

'The Walking Dead': First group reaches Terminus, but what is this place really like?
'The Walking Dead': First group reaches Terminus, but what is this place really like?
The Walking Dead AMC

The Walking Dead” episode on Sunday night titled, “Us,” offered one of the most anticipated reunion scenes yet. This along with a group of the survivors actually making it to Terminus, had "The Walking Dead" offering up some feel-good moments this week. While the feel-good moments were there, plenty of moments that didn't feel so good followed.

Entertainment Weekly suggests in their article from March 24 that Terminus might appear a bit too “idyllic” and they may be correct in their assumption. Terminus with its manicured lawns and its gardens full of flowers and vegetation appears too good to be true, which means that it probably is.

The only resident of Terminus seen by the group was a woman who introduced herself as “Mary.” She was also the only person who viewer’s got to see from Terminus because after she greeted the group in an almost nun-like persona, the episode ended.

Before making it to Terminus, Glenn and Maggie were reunited in a train tunnel full of walkers, who were put out of their misery before Maggie and Glenn had their first embrace. Then the group, which now consists of Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, walk into Terminus.

Something is just not right with this picture, but fans will have to wait until next week before discovering what this new found safe haven has to offer. Daryl is learning the important lessons from his new group of derelicts, the most important being the use of the word “claim.” Nothing, not a space to lay your head on or a rabbit that you just shot is yours until the word “claim” comes out of your mouth.

Viewers know that Rick, Carl and Michonne are on their way to Terminus and now they know that Daryl and his new friends are headed that way too. When Daryl stepped on the candy wrapper that Carl had dropped, that was an obvious clue that he was headed in that direction. Carol, baby Judith and Tyreese are also headed to the promised land of sanctuary, Terminus.

There was something about the woman Mary and the quick snapshot of Terminus that was seen on Sunday’s episode that smelled a bit like the movie, “The Stepford Wives.” While the quick glimpse that viewers were offered of this sanctuary didn’t give anyone enough time to size it up, there’s something off and it may be more dangerous than the walkers outside the gated community.

Leaving Terminus for almost the end of the season, as the finale for season four is next week, conjures up the suspicion of surprises being hidden beyond the sanctuary doors. You just know that the season isn’t going to end with the survivors in Terminus living happily ever after. That isn’t how “The Walking Dead” works!

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