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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Steven Yeun talks about Glenn's future

"The Walking Dead" season 4 finally returned and fans have a lot of questions on what will happen next. One of those questions has to do with Glenn. Before the break he wasn't looking too good. He was starting to recover from the flu when the Governor attacked the prison. Unable to fight and barely able to hold himself up, he was left on the bus while everyone else scrambled. Some viewers are worried that Glenn may not make it to the end of season 4. On Feb. 9, Entertainment Weekly reported on what actor Steven Yeun had to say about the future of his character.

Steven Yeun plays Glenn on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

A preview of episode 10 along with photographs that have been released show that Glenn still isn't in the best condition. He appears to be laying on a slab of concrete, high enough to where the walkers can't reach him. Perhaps a roof of a building. He has a wound to his forehead and on the preview he turned around and screamed for Maggie. Could he be delirious or confused? The last that fans saw was Glenn on the bus and Maggie running across the prison courtyard looking for baby Judith. Other spoilers have indicated that they are separated. So he either isn't thinking clearly or perhaps they find each other quickly.

So what is the future of Glenn? He is still sick, he looks wounded and doesn't seem to be thinking straight. Steven Yeun said,

"I think we can’t count him out. He’s a man of action, and he’s a man of heart, and I think you should expect what you normally expect from Glenn. He definitely has a lot of things up against him, but Glenn is tough and I think the word that I could always use for Glenn is resilient."

It sounds like Glenn may make it to the end of "The Walking Dead" season 4, which will be a relief to his fans. But will he find Maggie and the others? What other obstacles will he face out there in a world taken over by zombies?

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