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'The Walking Dead' season 4 spoilers: Speculation over who took Beth

Emily Kinney
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

Tonight on "The Walking Dead" Beth and Daryl got separated and then someone actually took Beth. Now fans want to know what happened to her and if she will be okay. You never know who will be the next causality on this show. On March 9, Wet Paint shared their speculation on what could have happened.

The comics are always giving clues to what could happen on the show. Since fans of these comics already know what happens they can help give hints on how it could all go down on the television show. Sometimes they do change it totally though.

Beth Greene is missing and of course Daryl will want to find her. She was actually taken by someone. Gareth is a new character coming to the series and so maybe this is their way of introducing him.

Also in the comics there is a group called The Hunters. They actually use cannibalism to survive. They haven't been introduced yet in the show so hopefully it is time, but of course fans don't want Beth to die.

It could always be someone that was at the prison with them. They might have grabbed up Beth to run off with her to wherever they are going now.

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