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'The Walking Dead' season 4 returns: Next zombie find Carol or baby Judith?

"The Walking Dead" season 4.5 will use scenes pulled from the comic books and a new way to kill zombies is discovered.
AMC The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead" season 4 returns Sunday, Feb. 9, and the episode will pick up right where the mid-season finale left off. The episode opens with all the survivors scattered after the Governor's devastating attack on the prison dwellers.

According to the TV Guide on Feb. 9, Robert Kirkman, the executive producer of the show, promises that "this will be the biggest trouble they've faced so far. The biggest promise Kirkman makes is that all of those "dangling sub plot threads will be resolved" this season and he has eight episodes to do that in.

While some of the eight episodes left in season 4 will focus on just a few people, others will focus on the group, which is a format seen already on "The Walking Dead."

How is Maggie going to fare after witnessing her father's decapitation? Pictures rolling out of the up-coming scenes has Maggie looking pretty bad, but it is more like an anger she consumed with instead of sadness.

Daryl has become one of the favorite characters for the fans of "The Walking Dead." His relationship with Carol was on the cusp of going to a different level when she was ousted from the prison by Rick. Will Carol return? Kirkman said "if" Carol has survived out there alone, Daryle could run into Carol.

This still sounds like a maybe, but fans will be hoping to see her again this time around. There's always that possibility that Carol will return as a zombie. The biggest tear-jerking episode was when Carol's daughter was locked up in Hershel's barn as a zombie and let loose to be shot. Will Carol bring the next tears to the characters and the fans as a zombie find?

Now that everyone is scattered in small groups, Kirkman says the possibility of all of them reuniting is "iffy." The episodes will deal with the individual groups until some of them meet up with one another.

Another big question that Kirkman addressed: "Is baby Judith Dead?" He said that there is definitely an answer to that question and that answer will be revealed before the end of season 4.

Carl is sure that his baby sister is dead, which puts him and Rick feeling less than adequate when it comes to protectors of their smallest relative. Will the folks from "The Walking Dead" go as far as creating a baby zombie? Could Judith turn into a walker?

Michonne's breakdown when holding Judith in the first half of the season will be explained as the episodes progress. One of the first things Michonne does when back on the road after the scramble at the prison is to make herself another set of twins to chain to her.

She cuts off a few more arms and takes out a few jaws to fit in among the zombies. This is a pretty graphic creation on Michonne's part, but it kept her alive when she was on her own before meeting Andrea a few seasons back.

Some of the new characters that the fans are looking for this season come from the comic book series. They are Alexandria, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.

While Kirkman makes no promises that all these characters materialize this season, it sounds like at least a few will meet up with the group. The word is that the fans of the comic book won't be waiting too long for their favorite characters to show up!

Rumor has it that someone in one of "The Walking Dead" groups figures out a new way to kill zombies, which could prove to be very helpful!

Watch "The Walking Dead" mid season 4 return on Sunday, Feb. 9. The show airs at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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