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'The Walking Dead' season 4 returns: Michonne's twins, folks scattered and doom

"The Walking Dead" season 4 returns with everyone scattered, who will run into Carol?
The Walking Dead AMC

"The Walking Dead" returns with the second half of season 4 on Sunday night, Feb. 9 and it starts up just minutes after the group has been run off the prison grounds by zombies. They are all in small groups and separated from each other, so the season begins with focusing on the first group of Rick, Carl and Michonne, according to Red Eye on Feb. 3.

Much of the first episode simply titled "After" centers on Carl and Michonne. Michonne is ready for the next journey after she creates two new jawless and armless walkers. They are just like the twins she had when she first came upon Andrea what seems like decades ago since so much has happened since then. Viewers learn of the painful events in Michonne's life, they got a hint in the first part of season 4 when Michonne broke down holding baby Judith.

Carl continues to be the other man in the group besides Rick and he also continues to question his father's decisions, but there is a ray of promise that he will grow into a find man. That hint keeps coming through. Fans have already seen Carl grow from the naive kid who was thrilled to see a live deer into a young man who has seen and done things no kid his age ever should. In this new world there's no choice but to mature quickly for survival.

The walkers are the main enemy once again and they are around every corner. The latest buzz is that the creators have come up with a new way to kill the zombies which will be discovered by accident by one of the characters. While Rick is still suffering in silence after that break down a while back, it is easily forgotten this half of the season when he has to step up and be protector once again.

The show is going to focus on one group at a time and they will eventually find each other, but you won't know what happens until Rick, Michonne and Carl find them or are found by them. You might not know what happened to your favorite character until they pop up, but it is part of the mystery of "The Walking Dead."

It sounds as if you will only know for sure for most of Sunday night's episode that Rick, Carl and Michonne survived. The others come later and those killed won't come at all. Will this be the time Carol reappears? She is still out there, or at least she should be because no one saw her demise, she was ousted by Rick.

This episode is described as calm by comparison to the mid-season finale, where probably the most horrific scene was the Governor decapitating Hershel. The mood is set as the three characters walk through a desolate world and the lack of talking sets the mood of a pending doom without the characters saying a thing, reports Red Eye.

Mishonne's head chopping technique is still alive and well and fans get to see her take a few heads off with the fancy swinging of her sword. One thing that seems a bit odd is that the group prepared for many things but the one thing that they did not do is designate a meeting place for survivors if they were ever separated in a crisis.

Families without zombies in their world have a designated gather spot in case of a fire in a house, why wouldn't Rick, who is a cop, have set a specific meeting place if something like this were to happen and scatter everyone?

Watch "The Walking Dead" second half of season 4 Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on AMC.

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