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'The Walking Dead' season 4 part 2: Folks find new way kill zombies (Video)

The Walking Dead” will air the second half of season 4 when they return in a few weeks and what they have to offer this time around is like no other season yet. A lot more emphasis is put on zombie killing with a “new and ingenious way to kill zombies” now discovered by the cast, claims art director Doug Fick.

"The Walking Dead" season 4.5 will use scenes pulled from the comic books and a new way to kill zombies is discovered.
The Walking Dead AMC

According to the Huffington Post on Jan. 25, gone is the safety of the prison home, which was destroyed in the last episode. The characters are scattered on foot and trying to find each other in a world filled with walkers.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, said “We’re moving into a much more psychological horror.” This is seen on the new trailer in every face of the regular staff, they look worn, tired and without emotion.

Finding each other on foot to reconnect as a group is not an easy feat, in the trailer an eerie picture of the two little girls holding hands walking down railroad tracks seems to say it all. It’s a lonely and cold world. Carol, who promised the father on his death bed that she would take care of those girls, has not been in the picture.

Could she have been watching from afar? Will she now enter the picture again? After all, what Rick banished her for is no longer an issue. The other news that will have fans of the comic book version of “The Walking Dead” jumping for joy, is that they are using some of the scenarios found in the comic books for the second half of season 4.

Watch the trailer above and keep a look out for the small glances of hope left with the cast, like Maggie looking at her rings. The characters are all on the move and they have very little with them after being ousted out of the prison.

Carl seems more like the parent than Rick does in the trailer, he has grown up so quickly in this new world. So, there’s a new and “ingenious” way to kill zombies, what could that be? Along with the characters, are the zombies evolving with new traits?

In this trailer you see Michonne and a man has his arms open as if he wants to hug her. The look on her face is not one of disdain or fear, who is this guy?

When “The Walking Dead” returns on Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. EST, there will be no safe haven for the cast of characters. They are wandering around almost aimlessly looking for each other. Some will die, and some will just about make it out alive.

You can get a good idea by the trailer above who will be alive during the second half of season 4.

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