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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Norman Reedus says he isn't untouchable

Norman Reedus says that he doesn't want fans to tempt fate by saying his character is "untouchable."
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Season four of "The Walking Dead" just came back for the second half of the show and fans couldn't be happier. However, on Feb. 9 Carter Matt shares that Norman Reedus is worried that fans may be trying to tempt fate by claiming that his character, Daryl Dixon is "untouchable."

From day one, producers of the show have claimed that anyone can go at any time, and while the show has veered from the original comic book series, that doesn't mean that any character is more important or less likely to die than others. While there are more characters that seem obvious to go, such as Rick who has had a metal breakdown, and confrontations with The Governor, or Glenn who was deathly ill before the end of the mid-season finally, that doesn't mean that characters like Daryl who have come quite a long ways in their journey are above dying either.

In a statement made to Digital Spy, Reedus says;

“I don’t like to hear that at all. I don’t want to dare anybody, do you know what I’m saying? I’m happy that people really love my character, but they have flat out said that nobody is untouchable, even Rick. Let’s just knock on wood and keep our fingers crossed.”

There are going to be some very Daryl focused episodes coming up in the final eight episodes of this season, that doesn't mean that one of them won't be his demise. cast members don't usually know they are going to die until they get the script for reading.

What do you think about Reedus's view on tempting fate?

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