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‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale: Will Carl get raped and Daryl die?

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale: Will Carl get raped and Daryl die?
‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale: Will Carl get raped and Daryl die?
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The finale of season 4 of “The Walking Dead” may hold chilling and grisly acts, including a possible attempted rape of Carl by the group who is tracking Rick, if the report posted March 25 by is accurate.

There has been some speculation as to whether or not the group of home invaders tracking Rick and his group could be “The Hunters’ form the comic book series. The fact that they’ve stuck around lends credence to this theory.

It is equally possible they represent “The Marauders,” a group of roving thugs who, in the comic books, held Rick, Carl and Abraham at gunpoint and at one point tried to rape Carl. Rick, seeing red, brutally murdered 2 of them and Abraham took out the third. Those kills were among the most savage in the series. The Maruaders, however, only appeared in one issue of the comics so the likelihood that the home invaders we’ve been watching in season 4 didn’t necessarily fit the bill.

The home invaders have been around for a month or so now and the little group has been referred to as “marauders” by the press and the show’s producers. Does that mean they are the marauders? The latest TV promo seems to indicate they could be.

Michonne is seen comforting Carl, who clearly has blood smeared on his face. His blood-streaked face has also been seen in some promotional photos and other spots. It seems the producers want us to us to take in that image of him. That would seem to coincide with the finale containing some iconic scenes.

Again, referring to the comics, the ring leader of The Marauders tells Abraham, “You done f—ed up,” as they attack him. There is a New Zealand TV spot floating around that shows Joe, who is poised to beat the tar out of Rick, “you screwed up!” The proclamation has to do with Rick killing Lou in the episode called “Claimed.”

That same promo shows Dan, one of Joe’s thugs approaching Carl at night as he sleeps in a car. There were contextual clues in both “Claimed” and “Us” that indicated Joe’s group has no problem with either rape or underage sex.

Does this mean Joe’s group finds Carl before they find Rick? Do they even know he’s Rick’s son or does it matter?

The trailer leads viewers to believe that Rick ends the life of one of the thugs by ripping the man’s throat out with his teeth. It might explain why he and Carl already appear bloodied in those “Who Will Arrive?” teasers with the #Terminus hashtag. Does this confrontation occur before they possibly arrive at Terminus?

And the million dollar question is where does Daryl fit into all of this? He is not seen in the trailers with Joe’s group or with Rick and Michonne. Does he strike out on his own or does Rick banish him from the group like he did Carol? Is it possible he actually dies in the confrontation?

Robert Kirkman recently said that the finale would “shock people.” He also said Rick would be pushed beyond his limit. With the possibility of Daryl’s death or Carl’s rape, it looks like he’s right.

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