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'The Walking Dead' season 4 finale: Why were the (spoilers) inside a cage?

Why were the bones in the middle of the property at Terminus?
Why were the bones in the middle of the property at Terminus?
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

On March 30, the season 4 finale of "The Walking Dead" aired and viewers were able to see inside Terminus for the first time. Just as fans suspected, the sanctuary is too good to be true. During the episode, several parts of the community were seen and there was something inside of a cage that makes viewers wonder, why was it there and not somewhere else?

Warning: If you have not seen "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale, then stop reading.

Inside a cage on the Terminus property there was a fenced cage and inside were skulls and backbones. It seemed to be smack in the middle of the property and was a strange place for it. Why was it there and not disposed of? While fans don't know for sure and won't until "The Walking Dead" season 5 airs in October 2014, there are some theories.

It's symbolic or a reminder

Some fans believe that it is there for symbolic reasons, perhaps as a reminder as to why they are doing things the way they are. It's a weak argument, but it's possible.

Fight cage

Another theory someone mentioned on Facebook is that the cage could be where forced fights take place, similar to what happened with the zombie pit at Woodbury between Merle and Daryl. The cage does seem awfully small for that and even if they fought to the death, it is highly unlikely that a person would be able to strip all the flesh, meat, organs and blood from someone, leaving only the skulls and spines.

Walker food

Someone came up with the idea that the reason why no zombies are near Terminus is because they have them somewhere else, holding on to them and that they might feed people to the walkers. Perhaps those are what is leftover? But if this is the case, then why are the bones and guts in a neat pile inside the cage? You would think the leftovers would be where the walkers are.

Kitchen prep

It could be that this area is a kitchen prep area and this is where they put the leftover pieces that are not going to be eaten. It still seems strange that they would set them here instead of disposing them or putting them somewhere outside the property, but it's always a possibility.

What do you think about the pile of skulls and backbones inside the fenced cage in Terminus? Why did they have them in that place and not disposed of?

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