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'The Walking Dead' Season 4 finale: Who might die and why?

'The Walking Dead' Season 4 finale: Who might die and why?
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With the finale of “The Walking Dead’s” fourth season upon us, it seems appropriate to take a look, as Forbes did on March 29, at who might or might not die in the season finale. In reviewing the finales from previous seasons, it seems like 2 characters usually are killed off. It comes down to looking at what is gained by or lost by killing any specific character. Looking at each character, keep in mind how their death could affect the other characters and the future of the series if they are or aren’t there. Let’s get started, shall we?

Rick Grimes would probably be the most shocking death and the show’s writers have never avoided shocking their fans. We’ve heard the showrunners say over and over again that no one is safe on the show. However, killing Rick would seem to take too much out of the show. It is after all, Rick’s story for the most part and has been since episode one. This seems too risky a move for such a successful show.

Carl Grimes’s death would be more devastating to Rick, a man who has been through so much already. Cael displays frequent bouts of bad judgment which could easily leas to his demise. Chances are that since 2 other kids were just recently killed on the show (Lizzie and Mika in “The Grove”), the writers won’t kill off another kid just yet.

Michonne could die because she is with Rick, who is being stalked by ‘The Claimers/The Marauders.’ Also, her affection for Carl could get her into trouble if she had to protect or defend him. The katana-wielding warrior is a cinematic treasure. Every swing of her sword is devastating and something to behold. She is an iconic character.

Daryl Dixon is currently traveling with ‘The Claimers/The Marauders,’ who are hot on the trail of Rick, Carl and Michonne. Given Daryl’s loyalty to Rick in the past, it is imaginable that he could get into trouble when the 2 groups have that confrontation that’s coming. He would be forced to choose sides and would undoubtedly come down on Rick’s side which could make him vulnerable. With that said, the show risks losing a huge fan base as Daryl is probably even more popular than Rick at this point.

Beth Greene is one of the unknowns in this equation. She was captured, tossed into the trunk of a car and driven off. She may already be dead for all we know. However, there were stirrings of a romance between her and Daryl and that might be reason enough to keep her around.

Glenn Rhee would be third behind Daryl and Rick for shock value if he died. He has fought so hard to stay alive and to find his true love, Maggie – which he just did on the last episode, that it would seem wrong to deny him a little happiness now. With that said, the show is not about lasting happiness and Glenn would sacrifice himself in heartbeat to save Maggie. He is also one of the original characters and they are dwindling quickly.

Maggie Greene was just reunited with Glenn. She just lost her father and has no idea if her sister is alive. Killing her might seem cruel but it would also provide drama. Glenn’s reaction would be something to watch for. It might also be more dramatic if we learned she had been pregnant. With Glenn single, fans would have to turn to the blossoming romances between Bob and Sasha or Daryl and Beth.

Sasha’s death would be ironic given her dedication to her own survival above all else. Bob and Tyreese would both be crushed by her death. If her death came just as she and Tyreese were reunited, it could provide an emotional climax for the show. Her relationship with Bob however could serve to be the reason she lives or dies. It depends on what the showrunners have in mind.

Bob Stookey is always the last man standing so his survival is expected but his death would change that picture. Though sad, his dearth wouldn’t tear us up because we haven’t really gotten emotionally invested in him yet. He could become more important with regards to his relationship with Sasha if something happens to Maggie or Glenn.

Carol Peletier could die as retribution for some of the acts she’s committed. Ever the pragmatist, she is capable of anything for the sake of protecting the people she loves. This could mean she would sacrifice herself. After “The Grove,” where she killed her surrogate daughter, Lizzie, after the child killed her own sister, Carol is one of the most shocking and deep characters on the show. There is a lot to still be mined from those depths.

Tyreese would be a reasonable candidate to die. Other than Sasha, who doesn’t know if he’s even alive, he’s not especially close to anyone. He’s in close proximity to Judith which could make him vulnerable. He’s already had his big moment of the season and because he’s travelling with Judith, it would be cool to see him and Carol return Judith to Rick.

Judith Grimes’ death would be bad news for Rick but he and Carl already think she’s dead. They would have to be reunited for the death to have impact. Killing her in front of Rick could send him over the edge, too. With the earlier deaths of Lizzie and Mika, it’s not likely the writers will kill another girl child this season. Still, a baby is real burden and she won’t really be lovable character in her own right for a couple of years. She is a definite possibility in the death watch.

Tara Chambler is not much of an entity on the show. We do know some of her backstory but her ties to the group aren’t strong and she wouldn’t really be missed. The writers could have killed off last week which could mean they’ve got plans for her in the future or a better way to kill her this week.

Eugene Porter is also unknown other than he supposedly knows how to stop the plague. Whether or not he really does is at the root of what could be an important story arc for him and the show so it’s likely he’ll stick around.

Abraham Ford could die if he sacrificed himself to save Eugene, whom he believes does have the answers. He is the reason some or all of the group decides to head to Washington D.C. though so he’ll probably stick around.

Rosita Espinosa is even less of an entity than Tara at this point. Other than those who enjoy her skimpy outfits, no one would really miss seeing her. However, it seems a waste of time to introduce a group of new characters at the end of the season only kill any of them off right away but maybe that’s the reason after all.

That’s everyone. It would be a shock if they all survived but it could happen. Who do you think will survive? Leave your comments below.

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