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'The Walking Dead' season 4 finale: Terminus a trap of 'unthinkable' evil acts?

"The Walking Dead" season 4 finale theories offer Terminus unthinkable deeds and Daryl walking on the dark side.
"The Walking Dead" season 4 finale theories offer Terminus unthinkable deeds and Daryl walking on the dark side.
AMC The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” finale is here and what will fans learn before the show closes out for the end season four? The buzz has two plots in focus, one being the hidden evils that Terminus will most likely offer and the other is the fate of Daryl, who’s headed into to treacherous waters.

With the first group finally arriving to Terminus last week, the viewers never got beyond the front door and they were only privy to one Terminus resident, which was a mechanical acting woman named Mary. MTV on March 27, suggests that by first taking Terminus on face value, it plays out like a haven. The group will soon find out that it really is a place set up to trap unsuspecting and exhausted survivors. Terrible things will be done to those looking for sanctuary, this is the online buzz today.

“Compelling theories” on Terminus suggest that “horrible, unthinkable things” will be done to folks like Glen, Maggie, Sasha, Abraham, Bob, Eugene and Rosita, as they are the first of the prison group to find their way to Terminus. Luckily, these folks are veteran survivors, so it is going to take a lot of people power to capture any of this group for the “unthinkable” fate waiting at Terminus.

Daryl is with a group of guys he’s never met, but knows them all too well. In a lot of ways, they are very similar to his brother. He’s learned early on that the group members are dispensable and all it takes is one to challenge another on a lie or wrong doing to have your life on the line.

After losing Beth, Daryl is not feeling the self-assurance that he gained while living at the prison. Feeling like a failure, his caveman instinct of survival is all that he’s going on these days. He has no more room for friendships, as all the folks that he’s learned to love are gone.

For some reason the leader of this band of merry-men is seemingly taking Daryl under his wing. Beth is still out there and hopefully Daryl does his best to try and find her, but next week’s pictures and promo clips show Daryl looking beaten down by life.

When Sunday night’s episode opens, viewers will be on the edge of their seats waiting for those terrible deeds to unleash against the folks who arrived at Terminus. Notice how the outside is setup to look very life sustaining and pleasant with its manicured lawns and vegetable gardens? Not to mention the big BBQ grill that looks big enough to cook for a small army. What fate awaits “The Walking Dead” survivors at Terminus?

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