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'The Walking Dead' season 4 finale spoilers, promos: Who will survive Terminus?

If you’ve been keeping up with season 4 of “The Walking Dead” then you know the first prison survivors have reached Terminus but if you’ve seen the promos for the finale, “A” then you know Terminus doesn’t seem like the paradise it was purported to be. According to a March 24 post on Zap 2 It, it may be anything but.

'The Walking Dead' season 4 finale spoilers, promos: Who will survive Terminus?
Photos by AMC Promotional

In the promo, there are lots of quick clips of Rick, Carl and Michonne running through the woods, fighting off walkers and looking either completely worn out or horrified. There is an eerie glimpse of Daryl and another where the trio enters a candle-lit room where the word “Always” is written on the wall.

In a sneak peek released by AMC, the trio is again seen in the woods. This time, Rick is explaining how his snare trap is used to capture any animals that follow the path and run through the trap. Could this be a metaphor for Terminus?

Before Rick can complete the lesson, a man screaming for help interrupts. Carl takes off running with Rick and Michonne chasing after him. The voice is not familiar but it could be someone from the group.

A third clip again focuses on the trio of characters. As they walk along, Carl is asking Rick about how close they are to Terminus and what they should tell the people there about themselves and about what they’ve done.

The broadcast from Terminus promises that “All who arrive survive.” Throughout the second half of season 4, the group has slowly been coming back together and they all seem to be on the road to Terminus. It is likely they will all reach their destination but what is unlikely is that they will all survive it.

The 16th episode, “A,” is the finale for season 4 of "The Walking Dead" and it will air Sunday, March 30 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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