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‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale is a boxcar of trouble for Rick and the gang

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale is a boxcar of trouble for Rick and the gang
‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale is a boxcar of trouble for Rick and the gang
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The Walking Deadseason 4 finale aired Sunday on AMC and delivered a boxcar of drama, action and not just one cliffhanger but several. As many of the characters were reunited, the fates of those not shown became even more important.

The episode, titled “A,” started with one of three flashbacks to Herschel, this one to just before the attack on the prison with Rick returning from a hunt. Flash forward to now and a battered Rick is still moving around from spot to spot with Carl and Michonne. They have the foreshadowing lesson about trapping animals and leading them down a path to their doom that seems to scream a warning only viewers can hear.

The group hears someone screaming for help but when they arrive, they are too late. They continue to follow the train tracks and make their way towards Terminus.

On New Year’s Eve, Joe and his group find Rick’s group one night. Joe wants to make Rick pay for killing his former partner during the home invasion by raping and killing Carl and Michonne before killing Rick. Daryl pleads with Joe to let them go and even offers to trade his own life for Rick’s. Joe orders a major beat down of Daryl.

And then it happened…Rick snapped, just as promised. He and Michonne attack their captors and Rick bites Joe in the neck, ripping it apart and killing him. Then he went after the other guy and gutted him.

Though not directly stated, Rick and the group which now includes Daryl, reach Terminus on what is likely New Year’s Day. They head into the woods and circle the camp, opting to hide their weapons in the woods in case whoever is inside isn’t so nice. Seems they learned from Woodbury.

As they are checking the place out, Michonne talks about how Andre died. She had regrets and punished herself by transforming him and his friend into her zombie pets, the original ones she had when we first met her. Carl talks about how his dad is proud of him but he himself feels like a monster.

They climb the fence and find a group of people sending radio messages. They meet Gareth who is friendly at first and asks them to lay down the weapons they are carrying. The trio is patted down and their weapons are returned. Then they are taken to Mary, the grill cook who wants to feed them. During this, Rick is noticing that people at Terminus are wearing items that belonged to other prison inhabitants like Maggie’s poncho and Glenn’s riot gear. He even spied Herschel’s watch that had been given to Glenn. Some viewers stated that someone was wearing Beth’s sweater.

Rick grabs one of the Terminus people and holds him at gunpoint demanding to know where his people are. No one will answer him so he and the other decide to run for their lives. They head through a gate labeled “A” all the while shooters on the roof are firing at them. They are not aiming to hit them, though but rather steer them in a specific direction.

They pass a candlelit room where there are names written on the ground and a pile of bones in the center. On the walls are the words, Never again. Never trust. We first always.” They also pass a small cage that has a tidy pile of skulls and spines stacked in it.

Cornered, Gareth orders the group to move to the boxcar, also labeled “A”. They go inside and as the doors close behind them, they discover Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Bob, Eugene, Abraham, Rosita, and Sasha inside.

Rick gets that look he gets when he’s lost his mind and says “They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out,” says Rick. “Find out what?” asks Abraham. “That they’re messing with the wrong people.” Michonne, Carl and Daryl have the same look.

Again, though not directly stated, it seems pretty clear that some form of cannibalism is going on at Terminus. And with the possibility that Beth reached Terminus but hasn’t been seen, her whereabouts become more important. Also, Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith were on their way there. Where are they? Will they be responsible for staging a rescue or are they in another boxcar or worse, already eaten? We’ll have 6 long months to ponder these questions.

Filming for season 5 of “The Walking Dead” will begin in a couple of months. A trailer for the new season will probably be released at Comic Con in July, as the show has done in the past. This is also when the premiere date is usually announce. For now, all we know is that "The Walking Dead" season 5 airs in October 2014,

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