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'The Walking Dead' season 4 finale: Does Mary cook folks on huge Terminus grill?

"The Walking Dead" Mary at Terminus and her huge grill, what is she really cooking up? Unsuspecting weary travelers?
"The Walking Dead" Mary at Terminus and her huge grill, what is she really cooking up? Unsuspecting weary travelers?
The Walking Dead AMC

The Walking Dead” season 4 finale is centered on Terminus and the evil deeds predictions have occurring there. Did anyone notice the size of the grill that the mechanical-looking Mary was standing by when the survivors walked in? Meat is hard to come by, even a bird is a hard catch these days, so where are they getting the meat to fill a grill that size?

MTV on March 30 predicts cannibalism goes on behind the doors of Terminus. It sounds like a “Soylent Green” theme going on here. What better way to survive than to put signs up for miles around having the prey come to you! That BBQ grill is made to hold a lot of meat and it looks like Maggie, Glenn and present company could feasibly be tomorrow’s burgers.

It makes sense, instead of going out and hunting, the signs lead all the living who pass by right to Terminus. Mary looked just too happy to see such a large group walk in. Instead of worrying about having enough food to feed them all, she was probably taking a mental inventory of the meat products this crew would provide.

It sounds as if Beth is already at Terminus, if the predictions hold water. Maybe Maggie and Glenn save her just as she’s getting seasoned for the grill? It looks like most of the survivors are on track to show up at Terminus any day now, so maybe the reunion of the scattered prison dwellers will happen on Sunday night’s finale?

Would "The Walking Dead" go as far as cooking up Beth and serving this to the group who just walked in? After all, she is missing and last seen in a hearse.

Predictions are pretty adamant that a key player, if not a few key players get knocked off Sunday night. Maybe this will be part of a cliff hanger that will carry over to the next season. Rick has about outlived his usefulness on the show and it appears like the show’s creators have been weaning him off the camera for a while now. He's there, but the strong presence he used to have is gone.

Michonne and Carl have struck a friendship, so maybe she will end up being his surrogate parent if Rick gets the ax. No one believed they will kill off old Hershel and before him Laurie and Dale. These shockers seem to indicate that on “The Walking Dead,” not a living soul is safe!

What do you think, is Terminus a cattle slaughter for unsuspecting weary travelers? Will some of the group become life sustaining food? Pay special attention to Mary’s BBQ tonight on “The Walking Dead” season 4 finale!

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