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'The Walking Dead' season 4, episode 10: Major spoilers for 'Inmates'

Chad Coleman plays Tyreese in "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Today is Sunday and that means it is time for another episode of "The Walking Dead." Season 4, episode 10 is titled "Inmates" and on Feb. 15, a post on Reddit revealed major spoilers.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10 spoilers, then stop reading.

While the last episode focused mostly on Rick and Carl, with a bit of Michonne also seen, episode 10 will be about several other characters. It seems that things are pretty dismal for everyone. Daryl and Beth fled the prison together and they find blood on some leaves, but viewers won't know where the blood came from on this episode. They will not run into any other human beings on "Inmates" either.

Daryl has shut down emotionally. He was finally at a place where he was part of a community, was seen as a leader and was respected. Instead of being the emotionally evasive loner that he was in the first season, he grew into a member of the "family" and bonded with many of the other characters. Now with everyone separated and their "home" destroyed, it is easy to understand why he would just shut down.

Tyreese is with Mika, Lizzie and baby Judith, so fans that speculated that he saved her were correct. Tyreese ends up leaving the kids alone and they are nearly attacked by walkers, but Carol shows up just in time to save them. They end up finding some signs that are supposed to lead them to Sanctuary. By the end of "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10, Carol and Tyreese come face to face.

Maggie comes across the bus that was at the prison. She sees Bob and Sasha, who are wounded, but otherwise okay.

A promo video released a few days ago shows Glenn laying on what appears to be a cement rooftop with an injury to his head. There is a horde of walkers down below reaching for him. He doesn't seem to be thinking clearly because he was calling out for Maggie. It turns out that he wasn't on the bus when it left the prison like viewers thought. He is still at the prison and is on the catwalk. As he is leaving, he sees Tara, who has locked herself in a part of the prison. She tells him who she is and about Hershel's death. They end up leaving together, battling some zombies along the way and then run into Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.

Rick, Carl and Michonne do not appear in this episode.

Season 4, episode 10 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" will air on Feb. 16.

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