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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Descriptions for episodes 9 and 10

Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead"
Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Frazer Harrison

"The Walking Dead" season 4 will be airing its second half in just a few weeks. Rumors and theories are going into overdrive, leading to a lot of debates online. On Jan. 13, several theories and spoilers were discussed on Reddit. Also, descriptions for episodes 9 and 10 have been revealed, which offer clues on what will happen when the show returns.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

IMDB published the episode descriptions. In episode 9, Rick and Carl are going to stay in a vacant house out in the woods. This has been confirmed with sneak peek videos on YouTube. Also, Daryl and Beth figure out that they are being watched and a new threat emerges. On Reddit, it was written that the titled for episode 9 is "Here We Remain"

Episode 10 is more mysterious and it is simply written that the group members that were previously separated begin to reunite, but the mysterious killer is still at large. While not officially confirmed yet, someone on Reddit said that the title to episode 10 is “Unconditionally." However, Reddit's episode description differs from IMDB. A user said that it will feature only Rick and Carl and that they will apparently meet other survivors that they are not sure they can trust.

Episode 11 is rumored to be called "Reconciliation" and it is speculated that Daryl and Beth will try to take action on an enemy that may not even exist.

"Annihilation" is speculated to be the title of episode 12 and fans believe that the group are going to get closer to finding out who the traitor is.

Episode 13 is speculated to be called "Sketch of Sin" and Rick, Daryl and Michonne will have to make a decision that is made too late.

"Liberation" may be the title to episode 14 and it is claimed that Rick and Maggie will become liabilities because of their inability to endure recent events. This could lead to Michonne and Daryl taking the lead.

Episode 15, titled "Solitary" is rumored to have the group find a safe camp, only to have enemies attack. However, lives will not be the only thing that is destroyed.

Last but not least, the season finale is speculated to be called "Fear the Hunters." The group will begin to degenerate and the hidden enemy will put the group in a position where they have to "fight for the final straw."

Do you think any of these episode titles and descriptions for "The Walking Dead" season 4 are accurate or do you have other theories?

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