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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Complaints mount for more Daryl and less Carl

'The Walking Dead' season 4 complaints are racking up, they want more Daryl Dixon!
AMC The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead” is the target of some criticism as it continues into season 4 after the mid-season break. Among several complaints, people think these episodes that highlight just one or two characters during the show are boring and not sticking with “The Walking Dead’s” story line. Episodes that spotlight the Governor and Rick and Carl are the two they've complained about.

According to Yahoo TV on Feb. 22, complaints about the cast doing things against their usual personna are really aggravating for some viewers. The examples given are Rick ousting Carol, Tyrese leaving two girls and a baby alone in the woods and Carol killing those two people.

Some of the key players are going against their own grain, or at least at what the fans have been led to believe is their own grain. Rick, who is the watchdog of his group, would never send Carol out alone to face the world and it wasn’t in Carol’s makeup to kill the two people at the prison. Tyrese would never leave two kids and a baby alone out in the woods, say some of the fans. This guy is a "protector" and he would die caring for the kids.

Another complaint is the amount of time that Carl has been on the screen and many think he is obnoxious. Yahoo defends this poor kid who had a childhood ripped out from under him. After all, he’s trying to be a man in a world where it takes a strong man to survive. He has also watched his father crumble, so he is trying to step up to the plate the best that he can and take control until his father can once again.

Using the example of Carl killing the kid from Woodbury in a cold blood-type of killing, people are wondering if a psychopath is unfolding. Don't forget he is a kid and he was petrified at what was going on at the prison during the time the Governor was attacking a while back.

Everyone wants more Daryl, as he is one character folks can’t get enough of. Now that Carol has surfaced, chances are the two will reunite somewhere down the line. This is one hookup folks wouldn't mind seeing.

Other complaints center on the new folks introduced into the show and their shelf life. It seems just as you start to get to know them, they become walker lunch. Some are saying that “The Walking Dead” has turned into a soap opera with all the sub-plots of romance with Maggie and Glen and Tyrese and Donna.

While some folks are having problems with the direction that “The Walking Dead” is going in this season, many others are waiting anxiously for the new episodes because this season has been unbelievable good. “The Walking Dead” remains the most popular show on TV today, so it’s doing something right. So when Yahoo asks if “you are falling out of love with “The Walking Dead,” many are going to say, “no!” Many fans are still in the honeymoon period.

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