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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Carol's back, Lizzie almost smothers baby Judith

"The Walking Dead" brings back Carol and just in time to help Tyrese with the kids!
AMC The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead” season 4 “Inmates” opens up to the survivors, who are suffering from various degrees of injuries, while scattered and looking for each other. One of the major moments of Feb. 17, Sunday night’s “The Walking Dead” episode was Carol joining back up with one of the groups.

With speculations running wild about the possibility of losing some of the major characters in this season, every scene is a nail biter. The IBT on Feb. 17 is suggesting that Daryl Dixon may die in the second half of “Walking Dead” season 4, but they are quick to say the fans would “riot” if Daryl met his demise.

His strong will and leadership personality that surfaced in the first half of season 4 seems to have waned when he’s seen again with Beth as two of the prison massacre survivors. Are the folks behind the scenes of “The Walking Dead” setting the stage for Daryl to die?

When Norman Reedus was asked if his character would be killed off in a recent interview, he said he really didn't know. He then throw in that maybe he will get killed off while walking around "on the back nine." He means while walking through the woods with Beth looking for everyone else.

Carol’s strength is greatly needed with Tyrese’s little group. He has the two girls and baby Judith with him. These folks have the toughest time of everyone keeping alive as baby Judith’s crying is like a call for supper to the walkers. How do you keep a baby quiet? It is not an easy thing to do under any circumstances, but especially in transit on foot with little food and drink.

One of the more disturbing scenes in Sunday night's show was seeing Lizzy trying to silence Judith when she was crying. It almost looked as if she was going go kill her. It was a scary scene there for a minute or so. Lizzie is showing some of the signs that Carl started showing. Is this new world spawning children lacking empathy?

Maggie is alive and she is on a mission to find Glen. He too is alive but the fans didn’t know this until after Maggie went through an entire school bus of walkers looking for him. She and two other survivors make up another small group and they killed the walkers as they came off the bus, the one that Glen drove away in.

Glen wakes up in the prison, he apparently made his way back to the last place he saw Maggie alive. He finds one of the Governor’s group sitting alone in a cage at the prison and he helps her escape. The two set up to look for Maggie.

Last week fans saw Michonne reunite with Rick and Carl, but this Sunday was an episode used for showing who survived and who they are with and of course, the reintroduction of Carol!

Now the stage is set for the reuniting of Rick and Carol and he will surly let bygones be bygones when she shows up carrying his baby daughter, Judith, who him and Carl thought was gone. The two found the car seat full of blood after the prison massacre. If bringing baby Judith home doesn’t change Rick’s attitude toward Carol, nothing will.

The love story of Maggie and Glen, each looking for each other and letting their emotions cloud their judgment looks like it may be an on-going scenario for a few episodes if the previews for next week are any indication.

Just as Carl is knocked out, a military truck pulls up and three people get out. The episode ended on that note, but the previews show that Glen is with these people in next week’s episode. Carol and Tyrese’s group came across a poster on the railroad tracks that beckons any survivors to a camp where other people are staying, could these military folks that pickup Glen be the same group?

Right now, not a one of “The Walking Dead” characters look OK, they all look like they’re in various stages of shock from what they’ve been through. One thing for sure, the writers have done a great job so far for the second half of season 4.

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