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'The Walking Dead' Season 4: Beth buried alive and Terminus rancid predictions

"The Walking Dead": Will Terminus be the answer to all their needs?
"The Walking Dead": Will Terminus be the answer to all their needs?
AMC The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead” has two episodes left to this season and Sunday night’s “Us” can have a multitude of meanings, but hopefully it means that some of the survivors start to meet up. It has been a long story line so far this mid-season with the group scattered and most everyone making their way to Terminus.

TMZ on March 23 predicts that fans won’t see Terminus Sunday night, but they will by the end of the season, which is just around the corner. There’s two reunions folks are waiting anxiously to see and that is Maggie and Glenn and Carol and Daryl, although Daryl has taken a walk on the dark side with his new friends.

Seeing Beth drive off in a hearse wasn’t a promising sight and TMZ predicts she gets buried alive by the bizarre undertaker who is doing up zombies like they are his paying customers.

With the luck “The Walking Dead” clan has been having since the show started, don’t you just see Terminus as an ideal place turned rancid with folks who hold the caliber of the Governor’s personality running the show. Or perhaps they all get there after their long trek and it’s overrun by zombies, like everywhere else.

Why is everyone on foot? There has to be a car or truck around that someone can hot-wire. All of the survivors are on foot, but why is that when there has to be plenty of choices of transportation around?

How will Carol handle her post-assignation of a child, will she have nightmares about this or will this make her harder and colder? Rick, Carl and Michonne are due for some face time. With just a few episodes left it will be interesting to find out how the series finale will tie up loose ends.

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