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'The Walking Dead' season 4: Anissa Matlock added as new character

"The Walking Dead" adds a new character for season 4B
"The Walking Dead" adds a new character for season 4B
Photo by Laura Cavanaugh

"The Walking Dead" is one of those shows where the characters tend to die. After a certain number of deaths, new characters must be added and the Facebook page titled The Walking Dead Women posted on Jan. 6 that Anissa Matlock has been cast for the second half of season 4. What part will she play and how is this significant to the upcoming episodes?

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers, then stop reading.

It is being rumored that Anissa will play the part of Theresa and will be a member of The Hunters. For those that have read the comic books, this means a whole lot of craziness is coming up. The Hunters are a group of cannibals who resort to eating people since animals and other food sources have become scarce. They have even eaten their own children. Eventually Rick and his group killed them.

The Walking Dead Wikia states,

"The execution of the Hunters was one of the most violent actions of the Rick's group up until that point, and brought considerable unease and internal conflict among them in Issue 66. It effectively became a turning point for the survivors in the way they communicated and handled other survivor groups, as they had become hardened from their prior bloody experiences with The Governor and the Woodbury Army."

Of course it has not been confirmed that Anissa will be playing Theresa or that The Hunters will even appear on the second half of season 4. A quick search on IMDB shows she will be playing "Featured Terminan" in episode 16.

"The Walking Dead" season 4 will return on Feb. 9.

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