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'The Walking Dead' season 4: AMC is 'very worried'

Chandler Riggs plays Carl in "The Walking Dead"
Chandler Riggs plays Carl in "The Walking Dead"
AMC/YouTube (Screen Capture)

The words "very worried" and "The Walking Dead" don't seem to go together. The zombie series has been a success since the first season and its popularity just keeps growing. Even viewers who don't care for zombies or blood enjoy the show. With the return of season 4 just six days away, fans are getting anxious to see what will happen next. Viewers should be in for some excitement, especially since Robert Kirkman said that AMC is "very worried" according to a Feb. 2 report by Flicksided.

On the mid-season finale, the Governor waged war on the prison only to end up being killed. Hershel was murdered, baby Judith disappeared with Rick and Carl assuming she was killed and everyone was separated as they fled the prison. So what is going to happen next?

"The Walking Dead" is going to return on a much darker tone. Robert Kirkman told fans at Amazing Arizona Comic-Con,

“The rest of Season 4 starts February 9, and it gets pretty dark. I guess the answer is ‘yes.’ But just how far we go and what we do and stuff, you’ll just have to watch. But I will say that the show will continue to get a little bit bleak at times and a little bit darker as the world progresses, and as things get a little bit more dire as they have in the comic."

He added,

"So we’re not going to be pulling any punches, and there’s a lot of stuff coming up that AMC is very worried about, which makes me happy.”

Some things that AMC might be worried about is the violence level escalating. While fans expect that, there are certain people and organizations that will probably have issues with that.

There is also the question of if AMC could be worried about showing baby Judith's dead body. Deaths are normal on a show like "The Walking Dead," but viewers might not really want to see the body of a baby.

Another theory is that Carl will go through something that happened in the comic books that may be hard for viewers to see. Andrew Lincoln has said that Carl has a very big episode coming up. In the comics, Carl is nearly raped by a group of bandits. This would be something else that AMC could be worried about showing on the television screen.

What do you think AMC is worried about? Do you have any theories on what will happen on "The Walking Dead" season 4?

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