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'The Walking Dead' season 4.5 trailer: Folks are beaten down, they need Carol

“The Walking Dead” second half of season 4 trailer is released and it is full of more unrest for the folks in Rick’s group. According to the Huffington Post on Jan. 17, once the prison is destroyed the group is on its own again without a fortress to protect them.

"The Walking Dead" 2014 starts the second half of season 4 with folks that are beaten down and split up.
The Walking Dead AMC

The new trailer is like watching a sinking ship with no sign of rescue. Everywhere they go they leave a pile of walkers in their wake. Rick is still pulling the group along with his words of encouragement telling the group, it is not going to be easy, but “we are not that far gone.” You are not sure if even he believes his own words.

According to the Escapist Magazine today, the survivors are much worse off than ever before. They are fragmented in groups, their faith has been tempted and some have lost faith all together. Each and everyone of the survivors have lost those closest to them and now the struggle to live gets almost too great.

The group has gotten smaller and the pain on everyone's face seems to have gotten deeper, somehow almost adding a color to the skin that just not suppose to be there. After watching Hershel's execution, many of the group, especially Maggie, looks almost on their last leg.

Watching Carl grow-up in the wake of the zombie apocalypse reminds you how resilient kids can be. He has gone from an innocent kid to a grown man. While he is not a grown man in age, he is one in the sense of the meaning, after all the other events he’s done and is expected to do when season 4 resumes on February 9.

Carol, oh where is Carol. She would be a bright spot in this mess right about now. Will they run into her unexpectedly and will she offer the group a new and safe place to stay? The fans really need to see the cast regroup and recuperate a bit after all the predators they've held off, both zombie and human.

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