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'The Walking Dead': Scott Gimple talks Terminus, says not to assume cannibalism

Scott Gimple says not to assume Terminus group are cannibals
Scott Gimple says not to assume Terminus group are cannibals
amc/YouTube (screen capture)

Most viewers have come to the conclusion that Gareth and the others at Terminus are cannibals. The season 4 finale even showed a pile of human skulls and there were boxcars packed with survivors. However, on April 5, wrote that showrunner Scott Gimple doesn't want fans assuming the "Termites" are cannibals.

Warning: If you do not want to know "The Walking Dead" season 5 spoilers or speculation, then stop reading.

While Gimple did confirm that the pile of bones were human, he said that it does not mean that those people were eaten. If Terminus is not a base camp for cannibals, then what in the world is going on there? Not only were there piles of bones, but Mary is always grilling something and there are a lot of people trapped in boxcars. What is the deal with Gareth and Terminus anyways?

The showrunner would not say, but he did assure viewers that the questions about Terminus will be answered quickly in season 5. He also explained that Mary cooking on the grill doesn't mean anything,

“They have a grill, but it might have simply been a parallel to the fact that [a barbecue] was the meeting place of everybody in the prison community.”

If the folks at Terminus really are not cannibals, then why are they holding people hostage? Why are they taking their belongings and wearing them, like with Maggie's poncho and Eugene's backpack? Then there is a deleted scene photo that was posted on The Walking Dead Forums that shows Rick and Michonne fighting walkers who are restrained by chains in a dungeon-type room. Carl and Daryl are also in the photograph, but cannot be clearly seen. Is it some sort of game that they want survivors to play? Is that their form of entertainment? Or perhaps it is a test to see which people are the best at surviving.

Of course, Gimple could just be trying to lead fans in a different direction. He didn't say the people at Terminus were not cannibals, just that fans shouldn't assume that they are.

What do you think of the cannibal theory? Do you believe that "The Walking Dead" season 5 will reveal they eat people or are they up to something else?

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