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'The Walking Dead': Scott Gimple talks about Morgan

Will Morgan (Lennie James) return to "The Walking Dead?"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Fans of "The Walking Dead" have been wondering if Morgan would return to the show and if so, when he will appear. He was first introduced in the first season and was the man who educated Rick on zombies. Then towards the end of the third season, Rick, Michonne and Carl ran into Morgan when they went into town to get supplies. However, it was not a joyous reunion. Morgan had lost his son and the event changed him. So will the character come back to "The Walking Dead?" On April 19, Mstars News revealed the answer to that question.

There were reports last year that Morgan would be appearing in the fourth season, but that turned out to be false. Lennie James, the actor who plays Morgan, was listed on IMDB as appearing in season 4, episodes 15 and 16. After the rumor of Morgan's return in season 4 went viral, Scott Gimple spoke to Entertainment Weekly to set the record straight. It turns out that Gimple was misquoted when he was asked about Morgan at Comic Con.

Even though he did not appear last season, fans shouldn't lose hope. Gimple spoke to Larry King recently and Morgan's return was brought up. While it is not known when Lennie James will return to "The Walking Dead," Gimple is doing the best he can to make it happen. He said,

"I am so determined to make that happen by hook and by crook that I can say definitively 'yes.' But there's time and tide that can get in the way."

Without knowing when Morgan could return, it's hard to predict what his storyline will be or how he and Rick will reunite. It's unlikely it will be this year because it is such a tight squeeze in between turning the scripts in and filming, but perhaps he could return in the second half of season 5 if they work out something quickly. When do you think actor Lennie James will return to the show? What kind of storyline do you think his character will be given when he comes back?

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