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'The Walking Dead' scene: Atlanta's highways looked like scene out of AMC show

"The Walking Dead" highway scene, that is what the ice covered roads looked like in Atlanta.

The Walking Dead” highway scene is what the Atlanta highways are compared to today. Authorities asked folks on Thursday morning not to come out and try to retrieve their abandoned vehicles on the highway, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Thursday Jan. 30.

Just think of the free set that the folks from "The Walking Dead" would have been privy to if they were in Atlanta shooting right now! The highways go on for miles with nothing but snow and ice covered roads with abandoned vehicles.

A young couple with their toddler all bundled up piled some food on a wagon and offered it to the stranded motorists, many who had kids in the cars. As time went on many just left their vehicles where they were and headed for the nearest shelter, store or restaurant to take refuge from the storm.

As motorists ran out of gas the Department of Public Works made their way around offering gas to those who had none and they jumped the batteries of many cars. As batteries were rendered dead from lights or radios being on all night once the gas ran out. It was a mess. This storm taught thousands of folks to respect the power of a winter storm and when snow and ice are in the forecast, the best place to be is at home!

According to Today News, the city of Atlanta was not ready for this snow storm. They say that they received little warning, but even the folks up in New England knew the south was about to get pummeled at least 24 hours before it happened. While authorities blame the weather forecasters, the rest of the nation was well aware of what was about to plunk down on Georgia, along with other southern states.

The mayor of Atlanta finally admitted today that the city’s inexperience with snow played a role in “gridlock” over the past view days. The failure to stagger the early releases unleashed an arsenal of vehicles in numbers that were ripe for a gridlock. The amount of cars on the road at one time would make it slow going even on a sunny summer day, never mind once adding snow and ice into the mix.

They should have canceled the schools and because they didn’t many kids spent the night away from home on the cold floors of their school’s gym and on the school buses that were caught in the gridlock on the highway.

Atlanta Mayor Kaim Reed finally came out and said “we made an error in the way we released our citizens.” Instead of sending folks home in waves, they just opened the flood values and sent people scrambling. Many of the folks were in a panic because they were not used to the conditions of a snow and ice storm. The city and state are still working to remove abandoned vehicles off the highway on Thursday afternoon.

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