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'The Walking Dead' rumors: What will Carol do about Lizzie?

Melissa McBride plays Carol on "The Walking Dead"
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Fans watched in horror as Lizzie nearly killed baby Judith on "The Walking Dead." The question is will she try it again? On March 9, the Facebook page The Walking Dead Women posted rumors regarding Carol and Lizzie as well as baby Judith.

Sometimes rumors turn out to be completely accurate and other times they are off. These are rumors, not spoilers and should be taken with a grain of salt. With that being said, analyze these and see if you think it could happen.

Carol tells Tyreese the truth

Carol and Tyreese are going to become closer as they travel. She will confess something to him. Another report on the Internet claims that Carol tells him it was Lizzie who set his girlfriend on fire. Many fans speculated this a while back.

Lizzie, the Governor and animal experiments

Carol is apparently going to have a different attitude towards Lizzie and Mika because she will notice things in their behavior. One source said that Lizzie was working for the Governor, which could be true, but it seems more likely that she had no ties to him except being a Woodbury resident. There are also rumors that she is the one who experimented on the animals. With her psychotic behavior, it is logical to assume that she was the one messing with the rats at the prison.

Lizzie tries to murder Judith... again

Another source believes that Carol will catch Lizzie trying to hurt baby Judith and will grab the baby. She tells Tyreese and they decide to leave Lizzie and Mika to fend for themselves. As they turn away, Mika is grabbed by a walker and dies. On a sneak peek for "The Walking Dead" 4x14, Mika is seen laying on the ground screaming with a walker dragging her away by the legs. The next clip shows Carol screaming.

Lizzie and Carl

Lizzie is apparently left to cry over her sister. Then the source claims that Carl will encounter Lizzie and that he knows about her psychotic ways and will kill her. However, nothing on the previous episodes revealed that Carl knew anything about what she was up to. Also, where are Rick and Michonne? Are they with Carl or was he on his own? This rumor sounds false.

The Hunters and a partial reunion

It is also being written that on the season finale only two of the four groups will reunite and there will be three deaths. The Hunters will show up by the end of "The Walking Dead" season 4.

What do you think of "The Walking Dead" season 4 rumors? Do you think any of them are true and if so, which ones? If not, what are your theories on what will happen?

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