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'The Walking Dead': Robert Kirkman talks about Bob Stookey

Lawrence Gilliard Jr. plays Bob Stookey in "The Walking Dead"
Trevschan2/YouTube (Screen Capture)

One character on "The Walking Dead" that viewers don't know much about is Bob Stookey. With most of the characters, their backstory is revealed. However, the only thing known about Bob is that he struggles with an addiction to alcohol. There was an episode where a tiny piece of his history was shown. When Daryl and Glenn found him, he didn't say too much. When asked for details, he just said that he was the only survivor of two groups he was a part of previously and that one person asked him to kill her. Even with that piece of information, he remains a mystery. So what is the deal with Bob Stookey and what can fans expect from him in the future? On March 12, WetPaint revealed some details about the character.

Warning: If you do not want to know possible spoilers for "The Walking Dead" or fan speculation, then stop reading.

When viewers first saw Bob on the screen, they were suspicious of him. Without knowing more about him, it is difficult to figure out his intentions. spoke with Robert Kirkman about Bob Stookey. He replied,

“Once we got Lawrence Gilliard Jr. for the role — That’s one of the best things about television versus a comic is that once you see what an actor can do they, just their presence, almost demands more, and watching the character of Bob evolve over the course of the season is a pretty fun aspect of this process.”

This almost sounds like fans might learn more about Bob in the future. Perhaps his character's history will slowly be revealed piece by piece.

Kirkman added,

“[Showrunner] Scott [Gimple] and I and everybody in the writers’ room have always had big plans for Bob. We definitely wanted to change his character up a little bit. I think a lot of that is due to lines and knowing what [Larry] can handle and really just trying to do something new that hasn’t been done before with a character; showing somebody that can be as weirdly optimistic as Bob is at times — for those strange reasons that he is — adds something new to the mix.”

It definitely sounds interesting, but what big plans do they have for Bob? Are those plans good or bad? While some fans don't trust him completely, Sasha seems to. When he kissed her she softened up a bit and for a few moments lost that hardness she carries around.

Nicole Ramage is a fan of "The Walking Dead," but she doesn't trust Bob Stookey. She said,

"His drinking makes him untrustworthy."

Speaking of Bob and Sasha, Kirkman said that there is potential for a relationship between them in the future. Of course he didn't say there would be... just that there is potential for one.

Nicole responded to this by saying Stookey and Sasha shouldn't get together, she has a theory that she will end up with another character.

What do you think of Bob Stookey on "The Walking Dead?" Do you think that he is untrustworthy or do you have a good feeling about him? What do you think are the "big plans" for his character?

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