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'The Walking Dead': Rick will be tougher, stronger, more confident in season 5

Andrew Lincoln and Tate Ellington of "The Walking Dead"
Andrew Lincoln and Tate Ellington of "The Walking Dead"
Gene Page/AMC

Rick Grimes, the main character of "The Walking Dead" has always been a patient, reasonable, nice guy. That kind of personality works well in most cases, but not so much in a zombie apocalypse. The destruction of the world has changed people in different ways. The toughest, strongest and those who know how to adapt to their new surroundings are the most likely to survive. With the events in the season finale, fans can look forward to a new Rick in season 5 of "The Walking Dead," according to an April 3 post by WetPaint.

Rick told Daryl that everything he does is for his son, Carl. It is not so much about Rick himself surviving, but making sure that his son grows up safe while also learning how to survive in the new world. While it would be nice to have a safe place to go, they are usually only temporary and can't be counted on to last forever. On the season 4 finale of "The Walking Dead," Carl was nearly assaulted. Doing whatever was necessary to save his son from his attacker, as well as getting himself and Michonne out of situation with Joe's group, Rick ended up using his teeth to take a bite out of a new enemy.

This experience will change Rick Grimes, Robert Kirkman told TVLine. He said,

“He’s resigned to the fact that he’s going to have to be a different person in order to survive. He’s really accepted the fact that he is that guy. He’s the guy that can take that on, that can be that leader, that can go to those levels if he needs to.”

As for how Rick will be in "The Walking Dead" season 5, Kirkman stated,

“Now that he knows that that’s in him, there’s a confidence to him now that he hasn’t had before. And that confidence will carry with him into Season 5 and, theoretically, get them out of that horrible situation.”

Many of the characters have evolved over the past four seasons. Carol, Daryl and Rick's son, Carl have all gone through changes. Rick has also gone through some changes, but viewers as well as some members of the prison group wondered if he was tough enough to be a leader. The traits to lead and survive in a functional world are quite different than one that has fallen due to the rise of the dead. Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly about the change in Rick's personality and thought process in the upcoming season,

“Rick Grimes’ evolution has come at the exact right point. This is the Rick Grimes that they need in that train car. And this is the Rick Grimes that the people of Terminus should not have encountered. It is the exact wrong time for them to encounter this guy.”

While fans don't really know how Rick is going to handle Gareth and the whole situation at Terminus, Kirkman did reveal that Rick can deal with anything that is thrown at him. It sounds like Andrew Lincoln's character is finally starting to realize what he needs to do to survive and fans just might see an entirely different man when the show returns.

"The Walking Dead" season 5 will air on AMC in October 2014.

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