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‘The Walking Dead’ review: Carl gets dark in 'After'

'Walking Dead' review: 'After'
'Walking Dead' review: 'After'
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Walking Dead” was back for the mid-season premiere on Sunday, Feb. 10, and there was no lack of drama, Hollywood News Daily reports.

In the episode, tilted “After,” the gang is separated after the attack on the prison, and Michonne is all by herself. She walks the grounds of the walker infested prison and finds Hershel’s zombie severed head, which she’s forced to kill.

Meanwhile, Carl is visibly anger about the loss of the prison, his group, and baby sister Judith. While Rick is very beat up from his fight with The Governor, Carl blames his father for everything that’s happened.

The two find shelter in a house as Michonne seeks refuge in a car for the night. However, Michonne’s sleep isn’t restful as she has a dream about her former life with boyfriend Mike and their son.

Rick slips into unconsciousness as Carl vents to his father’s def ears saying that he doesn’t need him to survive. Carl then heads out to get more food and has a very close call with a walker, but only loses his shoe.

Michonne meets a walker that looks like her and can’t handle her emotions as she unleashes on a heard, killing them all.

Meanwhile, Carl thinks his father has died and turned into a zombie, and comes to the revelation that he does need Rick to survive. However, Rick is very much alive, and the pair have a nice moment.

Michonne tracks the guys and finally finds them in their shelter home. There’s a knock at the door and Rick looks through the peephole. “It’s for you,” he tells Carl.

The rest of the gang wasn’t shown in this episode. However, previews for next week’s episode show Daryl, Beth, Glen, Maggie, Tyreese, and the children.

What did you think of this week’s “Walking Dead” episode featuring Rick, Carl, and Michonne?

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