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The Walking Dead reveals Terminus in 'Us' but Beth is still nowhere to be found

Norman Reedus plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Last night, March 23, the new episode of "The Walking Dead" titled "Us," revealed just enough to whet our appetites for the upcoming season finale next week. While the first half of the episode was paced on the slower side, the last half hour, and in particular the last 15 minutes, was a roller coaster ride that set up more questions than were answered. Last night "Us" was the quintessential cliffhanger in the zombie apocalypse series that always seems to leave us hanging. It's becoming more and more apparent though that the show runners are also leaving a lot of clues and elements of foreshadowing behind for us to mull over and extrapolate.

"Us" starts out continuing the story of Eugene, Abraham, Rosita, Tara and Glenn. We learn that Abraham is somewhat a nerd in nature, likes to talk a lot, and has his eyes on Tara. While walking along the tracks the group comes upon a sign for Terminus and one of Maggie's messages to Glenn. This sign of life sends Glenn into a frenzy and he takes off running towards Terminus, unaware of how far away his final destination really is.

Daryl's new group is woken up by a walker and after it's dispatched they all look around to find Dixon gone, but a pile of his stuff still at the camp. They deduce that he's just stepped out for a bathroom break. In reality he's out hunting for breakfast, a rabbit that he finds in the woods. Rabbits, as well as flowers, have been a continuing theme in this season especially. Rabbits are most often a symbol of fertility. As Daryl Dixon shoots his arrow, Len, another member of the pack also shoots an arrow and attempts to claim the rabbit as his breakfast.

Words are exchanged and Len alludes to maybe knowing something about Beth. Len surmises that Daryl is upset and "All messed up" about a young girl. Daryl is about to splatter Len's brains all over the ground when Joe, the apparent leader of the hunters, steps in and explains the rules of the group to Daryl. Daryl is insistent that there, "Ain't no rules anymore." Joe splits the rabbit in two and explains that all a group member has to do is to say claimed to own something now in the zombie apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Joe and Daryl have a discussion while they continue along the tracks. Joe explains again to Daryl that he just has to follow the rules. Daryl is clear to Joe that, "I ain't no us." Joe explains to Daryl that since he isn't leaving the group, "It sure seems like there's an us." Joe explains further to Daryl, "There ain't nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he's an indoor cat."

When they come upon a dark train tunnel with walkers inside, Glenn and Tara decide to split from Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. Glenn and Tara make their way into the tunnel as Abraham and the others make their way towards Washington D.C. to deliver Eugene and the knowledge he has about what has caused the outbreak. The tunnel proves to be a challenge, and Tara almost dies when she gets her foot caught up in some fallen roof debris and walkers descend upon her. Glenn starts the gunfight against the walkers that Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita finish when they drive into the tunnel unexpectedly. Glenn and Tara are saved and Maggie and Glenn embrace in a heartwarming reunion.

The hunters stop at a warehouse along the train tracks for the night. Everyone claims a car to sleep in and Daryl is left to sleep on the ground. Once a proud and respected member of his old group, Daryl finds himself an outcast among outcasts. Len plants his half of the rabbit in Daryl's bag when Daryl goes outside to relieve himself. Joe watches him set up Daryl but says nothing. When Len accuses Daryl of stealing and lies to the group he is caught by Joe and he is beaten to death and unceremoniously dumped out near the train tracks. When the group leaves their temporary shelter in the morning Daryl sees Len's lifeless body and considers covering him up, much like Beth wanted to cover up the dead woman at the golf course, but instead Daryl decides to drop the sheet and leave Len uncovered.

Carl, Rick and Michonne are seen briefly walking the tracks early in the episode. Carl and Michonne are playing games and trying to make the best of things. Rick is amused that the two can take a moment to connect amidst all the chaos in the world around them. After winning a candy bar from Michonne, Carl splits it in two and they share the sugary treat. They are headed towards Terminus but we're unsure just how far away they are. Later in the episode Joe tells Daryl that Terminus is a lie, and that they're looking for whoever strangled Lou and left him to turn. Of course viewers know that was Rick, but Daryl is unaware of that information. Daryl claims a strawberry on the tracks and sees a candy wrapper from Carl, letting us know the two groups are not far apart.

Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita decide to head to Terminus before they head north to Washington D.C. because they might find supplies or other survivors to join them. As they open the gates to Terminus it is suspiciously void of walkers. Flowers, more specifically sunflowers, are seen everywhere. We're reminded of the painting on the wall in the episode "Claimed," the title and content of which foreshadowed much of the happenings in last night's episode, "Us." As the group enter further into Terminus a sign tells them to lower their weapons. They are met by a singular character who is grilling some food, Mary, who greats them with a suspicious smile. Mary tells the group, "It looks like you've been on the road a while. Let's get you settled and we'll make you a plate. Welcome to Terminus." Season 4 breakout star Beth, played by Emily Kinney, was given no resolution to her storyline this week, much to many fans dismay. The season finale of The Walking Dead airs next Sunday, March 30, on AMC.

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