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The Walking Dead Returns: Zombie Recipes for Your Viewing Party

The walkers are returning!

Fans of The Walking Dead have been anxiously awaiting the show's return, and that means viewing parties are going to start popping up every Sunday night. Whether you're hosting or attending, here's a few zombie / walker themed recipes to whip up.

Brain cupcakes: These cupcakes give "I'll eat your brains" a whole new meaning

Zombie cake pops: I can't decide whether these are adorable or creepy

Edible intestines: Absolutely disgusting looking, so basically, perfect for your Walking Dead party

Zombie punch: Some Hawaiian punch, some 7-up, fake eyeballs, and other random bits, such as cranberries, and you have yourself the perfect drink.

Almond fingers: Super easy to make, and gross looking enough to display for your Walking Dead party.

Zombie boogers: Little kids are going to be really excited about this recipe. However, since they probably won't be allowed to watch The Walking Dead, the adults can enjoy it as well.

Meat hand: It's revolting looking, probably the worst looking one on this list. However, it's made from ingredients such as meatloaf, mashed potatoes, onions, and cheese, so it probably doesn't taste as bad as it looks.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 9, at 9/8c.

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