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'The Walking Dead' recap: Daryl and Beth become drinking buddies

In last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" Beth and Daryl became drinking buddies.
In last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" Beth and Daryl became drinking buddies.
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On March 3 TV Fanatics shares a review of last night's episode of "The Walking Dead." While the story didn't really progress much in terms of moving the story along, we learned a lot about Daryl and Beth as people. Beth risked life and limb to have her first drink, even knowing the dangers of drinking having seen the trouble with Bob who almost got himself killed, and her boyfriend did get himself killed because of alcohol.

The episode itself moved slowly, with a game of "Never Have I Ever" and hiding in trunks of cars from walkers, but it was still fairly decent for what it was. There were several haunting scenes such as the opening of the episode that illustrated the fear of constantly being on the run and not knowing what could happen at any time. The most unsettling bit was likely the country club where there were dead walkers on the floor and hanging from the ceiling.

What fans have found most memorable about the episode is that they finally learned something more about Daryl and his past. He wasn't just a wounded guy with a cross-bow. We learned about his history and how his job in life was to follow Merle around. The redneck home that they were sitting in was also very suiting to opening up Daryl to his wounded past and made him a bit more emotional and raw.

After Beth's shedding the quiet, demure person we have seen of her since she first appeared on "The Walking Dead," her revelation of her likely not being around long has fans wondering if she might be one of the next to die. Or it simply could be due to her primary role in the show as being a motherly figure that cares for the children and makes sure that everyone has what they can.

Do you think that Beth is one of the next to die?