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'The Walking Dead' rap goes viral: It's Rick Grimes vs. Walter White of 'BB'

The Walking Dead” rap that pits a fake Rick Grimes against a fake “Breaking Bad” Walter White has gone viral. The video has only been out for a couple of days and it is already racked up more than 4 million YouTube views.

Who wins 'The Walking Dead' rap?
Screencap via YouTube

Entertainment Weekly notes that "The Walking Dead" rap comes from the Epic Rap Battles of History account on YouTube. This new video is considered the season 3 ERB opener, and previous pieces featured battles between a fake President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, a fake Hitler versus Darth Vader and a fake Donald Trump versus fake Ebenezer Scrooge for example.

Some of the group's most popular videos have racked up 60 million, 70 million or even 85 million views. Given the views that "The Walking Dead" rap video have piled up already, this may be a serious contender to take over the top spot. Those familiar with both AMC shows will surely get a few chuckles out of the digs tossed out by both main characters of their respective shows.

Does "The Walking Dead" rap video qualify as the latest big viral hit on YouTube? It certainly looks that way. Was it Rick Grimes or Walter White for the win on this one? Commenters seem torn, but it does seem to be a big hit with more than 150,000 likes already. Commenters have given plenty of suggestions for the battle they would like to see next, though this one will definitely be hard to top.

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