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The Walking Dead push towards Terminus with new episode 'Alone'

Actress Emily Kinney of The Walking Dead is better known to fans as Beth
Photo by Rick Diamond

The tagline on tonight's new March 9 Walking Dead episode titled "Alone" simply said, "One group finds a shelter; a group has a realization about protection." The episode, airing on AMC, Didn't stray far from the style of the last few episodes that followed the story of a limited number of characters each episode. It's a formula that has worked and allowed the viewers to get to know some of the characters on a more personal level during the zombie apocalypse. Here's a quick recap of this week's episode.

At the beginning of "Alone" we see Bob as he was before he joined the group, a survivor of the zombie apocalypse walking in the world alone. We then see Glenn driving a truck and Daryl Dixon on a motorcycle as they come upon Bob on the road. After a quick conversation, Bob joins Glenn and Daryl and off they go down the road. This small glimpse into the back story has been a recurring storytelling tool that Walking Dead has used wisely this season. It's been great to see how people lived before the apocalypse and these quick flashbacks offer some insight into the group mechanics. We quickly move forward to the present and for the duration of the episode we switch between Maggie, Sasha and Bob, who are fighting walkers in the fog when we first see them, and Beth and Daryl who is teaching Beth the finer points of tracking and the use of his crossbow.

Beth gets her foot caught in a trap which prompts Daryl and her to find some temporary shelter. What they find is a macabre funeral home. Suspecting that the building is a trap, Beth and Daryl find temporary shelter and suspiciously fresh food, and they're cautious that the owner or resident is somewhere still in the vicinity. There are a few moments that felt like foreshadowing here, especially the scene where Daryl lays down in a coffin and another where Daryl carries Beth through a doorway much the same way a groom carries his bride through a threshold. It's evident that Beth and Daryl are bonding, at least as much as is possible while the world full of zombies falls apart around them.

Meanwhile, Maggie is determined to find Glenn and she believes her best bet is to head to Terminus. She breaks from her group and heads out alone. Sasha and Bob are left to figure out what to do next, and they split up while Bob searches for Maggie. Sasha ends up being the one to find Maggie after pushing a window out onto the ground which in turn stirs up every walker in earshot, as well as waking up a sleeping Maggie who has disguised herself on the ground amongst dead walkers. Sasha and Maggie find themselves in a glorious walker slashing scene that has become the standard for virtually every episode of The Walking Dead.

The episode takes a turning point when a stray dog alerts Beth and Daryl at the door. When the dog runs away you get a feeling it will be back. When Daryl thinks he hears the dog the second time and casually opens the front door all Hell breaks loose and a group of walkers burst into the house causing Daryl to tell Beth to run while he holds them off. After an intense and claustrophobic battle during which Daryl barely escapes we see him run outside and into freedom only to witness a hearse speeding away with Beth kidnapped inside it. Daryl is short on arrows and for the first time in a while looks a bit defeated.

Daryl quickly finds himself surrounded by the same group that Rick encountered previously this season. After a standoff names are exchanged and, for better or worse, Daryl joins the group. At the end of the episode, with nearly all the survivors of the prison heading towards Terminus, we see Glenn's hand pointing to Terminus on the map and for now, at least, his reunion with Maggie and the rest of the group appears inevitable.

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