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'The Walking Dead': Only two episodes remain

Will the survivors on "The Walking Dead" find what they are looking for?
Laura Cavanaugh/Getty

There are only two episodes remaining in this season of “The Walking Dead.” Those episodes will air over the next two weeks. According to a March 18 report by Wet Paint, those remaining episodes of “The Walking Dead” will be “big,” “insane,” “tragic” and “hopeful.”

“Us,” the next episode that will air on March 23, will follow Daryl Dixon and the new group he is now with. It is still unknown if that group was involved in the kidnapping of Beth Greene. It is also possible that they are the dreaded “Hunters,” the cannibals from the comics. Whoever they may be, Daryl is now a part of them and that may prove to be deadly for the fan favorite. This is “The Walking Dead” so almost anything can prove to be deadly for any of the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. “Us” will also follow Glenn, Tara and the “D.C. Group.”

The following week, “A” is title of the episode. That will be the season finale. It has been said that “many paths collide” during this episode. Could that mean that the prison group reunites or that members of the group collide with others, such as the “Hunters” or Father Gabriel Stokes. It is believed that Rick Grimes will meet up with someone or a group that brings out a “brutality” in him. Melissa McBride might have alluded to that during her interview on “The Talking Dead.” Of course, with the exception of Daryl and Beth, the other members of the prison group are walking the train tracks on their way to Terminus.

Terminus has yet to be explained. The signs all say “those who arrive survive,” but that could be a ploy to attract other survivors. No one knows if it is truly a safe haven or the home of the “Hunters.”

Fans of the runaway AMC hit show are finding it hard to believe that the next episodes could be any more insane than the last episode, “The Grove,” but with “The Walking Dead,” it is hard to tell. The writers, cast and special effects team seem to find ways to improve the series.

At the time of publication, the details as to what makes the final two episodes of “The Walking Dead” big, insane, tragic and hopeful were unknown. Is the tragedy the death of a member of the prison group? Is the Terminus the place of refuge the groups have been hoping for? Fans of “The Walking Dead” will have to watch AMC on Sunday night to see what happens

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